Thursday, November 11, 2021

How to Sideload Audiobooks to Kobo Sage/Libra 2/Elipsa?

Kobo just released two high-end eReaders – Kobo Sage and Kobo Libra 2, which have full support for Bluetooth wireless technology. And Kobo also released a new firmware 4.30, which enables you to listen to audiobooks on Kobo Elipsa as well. What’s more, you can also sideload your own audiobooks in MP3 format to these three Kobo devices in order to play them. 

If you want to sideload your MP3 files to Kobo Sage/Libra 2/Elipsa, first, you need to zip the mp3 file, then rename the .zip file to .mp3z. Next, plug in your Kobo device to the computer via USB-C and copy the .mp3z file to the root directory. Voila, your mp3 files can be played nicely on Kobo Sage/Libra 2/Elipsa. 

If you are interested in playing audible audiobooks on Kobo devices, you can follow this step-by-step guide to make it happen

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Calibre 5.31 Adds Support for the New 2021 Kindle PaperWhite 5

Calibre is a big name in managing ebooks, removing eBook DRM, and converting ebook formats. The newly released version of Calibre 5.31 has just added support for the brand new 2021 Kindle PaperWhite 5, and now you can manage your collections in your Kindle PaperWhite 5 when plugging it into your PC or Mac. This is a bug fix for the earlier versions of Calibre (5.30 and earlier) which didn't recognize the new 2021 Kindle Paperwhite 5 as a device. 

Besides adding the support for Kindle PaperWhite 2021, this new release of Calibre also adds the following support and fixes some bugs:

  • Moves an option to Preferences -> Behavior to have calibre recognize numbers when sorting (this was previously under Preferences->Tweaks). 
  • Adds support for EPUB 3 landmarks in the Set Semantics tool under the Edit Book option.
  • Add an entry to the Connect/share menu to open the content server in a local browser when it is running.
  • Prevent the display from sleeping when using auto-scroll or read aloud modes (Implemented only on Windows and macOS).
  • Add a button to directly open the viewer help section in the calibre user manual to the viewer controls.
  • Fix incorrect first letter partitioning when enabling numeric collation of items that start with a number.
  • Fix a bug in an HTML serialization library calibre uses that broke a few things, such as the comments editor tool in the metadata dialogue.
  • Fix some OPDS feeds failing with non-ASCII content.

Want to remove Kindle DRM with Calibre? Here is the detailed step-by-step guide for you: 

Kindle DRM Removal Calibre: Remove KFX/AZW/AZW3 DRM with DeDRM Plugin

Bonus Tips: Remove Kindle DRM Without DeDRM Plugin

If you are looking for a much easier way to remove Kindle DRM without installing any plugins, just go to use Epubor Ultimate.  Download your Kindle books to your computer from the Kindle for PC/Mac, or from the Amazon website, add them to the program, your Kindle books will be soon decrypted!

(Click here to get the official review of Epubor vs Calibre.)

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Kobo New Firmware 4.30 Has Been Released

Kobo has released a new software update, which is version 4.30. It is available for all Kobo devices except Kobo Mini. 

Depending on your device, there are three different release notes.

For the new Kobo Libra 2 and Kobo Sage, the release note is:

• Various Bug Fixes

• Stability Improvements

For Kobo Elipsa, the release note says:

Introducing support for Kobo Audiobooks

• Listen to Kobo Audiobooks on Kobo Elipsa with your Bluetooth headphones, car stereo, or speaker.

• Browse, search and purchase audiobooks directly from Discover > Audiobooks or visit

• You can now filter by Audiobooks or eBooks in the My Books menu.

• My Wishlist is now moved to the More menu.

• To learn more about available subscriptions for Kobo Audiobooks where you live, visit

• Available in select countries only

And for the rest of Kobo devices, the release note includes:

• Various Bug Fixes

• Stability Improvements

• My Wishlist is now moved to the More menu

The biggest change for this update is that now Kobo Elipsa supports Audiobooks. You can also purchase Audiobooks directly from the store. As usual, every update is about fixing bugs and improving stability. 

Monday, October 18, 2021

Kindle Update 5.14.1 Adds Navigation Options while Reading

Amazon has a new, free software update available for your Kindle, including Kindle Paperwhite (7th/10th Generation), Kindle (8th/10th Generation), and Kindle Oasis (8th/9th/10th Generation). As usual, this update automatically downloads and installs on your Kindle when connected wirelessly; however, you can also manually download the software and transfer the update to your device via USB cable. 

Here's what's new:

Navigation options while reading: You can now navigate more easily within a book that has footnotes, endnotes, bookmarks, notes/highlights, or links.

Performance improvements, bug fixes, and other general enhancements.

The main change about the new Kindle firmware update is that it comes with a new “Back to Page” option on the lower-left corner of the screen when you are navigating throughout a book.

Whenever you use the table of contents or jump to a different page, the “Back to Page” option will show up on the bottom of the page forever until you click on the “Stay Here” button to get rid of the dialog box, which is kind of stupid and annoying.  

Sunday, October 17, 2021

How to Convert Audible MP4 Files to MP3

Recently, a few users reported that now the Audible books downloaded from the site are in MP4 format instead of AAX. As we all know, the existing Audible Converters in the market only support converting Audible AAX or AA files. So how can we convert Audible MP4 to MP3? Is there any solution for the MP4 files?

After researching and testing this issue, I found the solution finally and here I would like to share it with you.

As for now, the Audible MP4 files only appear in the latest version of Firefox that is 93.0, but for both Windows and Mac - no matter what the computer OS is. 

How to Convert Audible MP4 Files to MP3?

Although the file downloaded saves as .mp4 but is really an aax file in disguise. Nothing is changed in the inner structure, but only the file extension. So here we got it resolved. 

Step 1. Right-click your Audible MP4 file and Select "rename".

Step 2. The filename is automatically selected. You need to click and drag over to the extension. Change the .mp4 extension to .aax.

Step 3. Once the mp4 file extension is changed to aax, you can start to convert the AAX files to MP3 with Epubor Audible Converter. Download and install the program, then just add your AAX files to the main interface, click the button "Convert to MP3". Once the process is finished, you will get your Audible files in MP3 format.

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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Print Google Play Books to PDF - The Easiest Way

Are you trying to print your ebooks from Google Play Books to paper books but don't know how?  As an online ebook store, Google Play Books provides a large number of titles for us to choose from. It offers an online built-in reader and reading apps for Android/iOS. However, the digital devices could easily get eye strained. That's the reason why a lot of people would love to print them out to read in papers. Here in this post, you will get the easiest way to convert your Google Play Books to PDF and then print them out. 

Step 1. Download Google Play Books to your computer.

First, open a browser on your computer and go to your Google Play Books library. Find "My Books", select a book, click the three-dots button in the corner, and then "Export".

On the pop-up window, you'll be asked to "Export ACSM for EPUB" or "Export ACSM for PDF". Just choose "Export ACSM for PDF".

Note: You will get an .acsm file when it's downloaded. It's not a real ebook file. To convert it to PDF, you will need to open the ACSM with Adobe Digital Editions. 

Step 2. Open ACSM Google Play Books with Adobe Digital Editions.

Now download and install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to your computer. It's available for both Windows and Mac. The first time you open the program, you need to authorize it with an Adobe ID. If you're not asked, you can click "Help" >> "Authorize Computer" to get it authorized. If you don't have an Adobe account, just create a new one.

Then you should open the ACSM file with ADE. Just right-click it and then choose "Open with Adobe Digital Editions", or simply drag and drop the file to the interface of ADE.

You have to wait a few seconds for the book downloaded completely. After that, you will see your Google Play books are automatically opened.

Note: Once the Google ACSM files are added to Adobe Digital Editions, they turn to PDF (or EPUB) format. However, they cannot be printed by Adobe Digital Editions and you will find the "Print" option is greyed out. The reason is that the books are still protected by DRM. It's a password scheme. To successfully print your DRM-protected Google Play Books, you must remove the DRM protection by Epubor Ultimate. Continue reading, you will be guided through the whole process.

Step 3. Remove DRM from Google Play Books with Epubor Ultimate. 

Download and install Epubor Ultimate. It's the best eBook DRM removal & eBook converter for Google Play Books. 

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

Run Epubor Ultimate. All your (ACSM) Google Play Books opened with Adobe Digital Editions are automatically detected and displayed under the "Adobe" tab. Now just drag and drop your books from the left side to the right column. You will find the books are automatically decrypted. It means the DRM is successfully removed. 

Then please continue to click the button “Convert to PDF” if your original Google Play Books are in epub format. Once the conversion is finished, just click the “Succeeded” word to find your converted PDF Google Play Books.

Step 4. Print Google Play Books to pages.

Once you have converted your Google Play Books to DRM-free PDF, all that's left to do is to print the PDF file to pages. There are many PDF readers that support the print function. 

Here I just open the PDF file with Microsoft Edge browser on my Windows 10. If you are using Mac, you can open the PDF files with the native software "Preview". Click on the "Print" icon at the top menu bar, then choose the pages that you would like to print and hit the "Print" button.

That’s all for printing Google Play Books to PDF and pages. It's rather easy, right? Don't hesitate to get Epubor Ultimate in handy! The good news is that now you can get Epubor Ultimate lifetime license with 10% OFF!

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Amazon's First-Ever Kindle Paperwhite for Kids

Along with the release of all-new Kindle Paperwhite 5, Amazon also launched the first-ever Kindle Paperwhite for Kids - the first Paperwhite device designed especially for children. 

Kindle Paperwhite Kids comes with a kid-friendly cover, a 1-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ with access to thousands of books, and a 2-year worry-free guarantee. And, Kindle Paperwhite Kids is packed with features that encourage more reading and parental controls for additional support.

Kindle Paperwhite Kids is purpose-built for reading with zero distractions— no apps, games, ads, or videos — the first-ever waterproof Kindle for kids comes with a black & white 6.8 - inch 300 PPI glare-free display, an adjustable warm light, a compact design, water resistance, and up to a 10-week battery life. 

The Paperwhite Kids also has educational tools – the vocabulary builder and word wise can help young readers build their literacy skills. It offers the OpenDyslexic font, which is described as a font preferred by some readers with dyslexia.  

Of course, the Paperwhite Kids also supports Audible, so children can easily switch seamlessly between reading and listening to audiobooks with Bluetooth headphones. With Amazon Kids+, hundreds of Audible books are available, including classics like The Secret Garden and Peter Pan; and Audible Originals like Interview with the Robot and The Mystwick School of Musicraft. 

Compared to the earlier Kindle Kids eReader, the first-ever Kindle Paperwhite for Kids is definitely worth buying for your kids.