Monday, February 17, 2014

How to Export Chrome Bookmarks to Evernote

Days ago I wanted to clear up my Chrome bookmarks as they are not well organized and there are many duplicates. When I opened the bookmarks manager of Chrome, I found that it is not easy to operate.

On the other hand, I've always wanted to back up my Chrome bookmarks, then I can visit any of the favorite site with other browsers.

Then an idea came up to my head,  why not export the bookmarks to Evernote for better management and back up? Alright, the plan has been drawn up, let's do it.

1. Export the Chrome Bookmarks to HTML and save to local drive

Open Chrome, click "Bookmarks" --> "Bookmark Manager". Then click "Organize" --> "Export bookmarks to HTML file...". Then all your bookmarks will be saved in a single HTML file.

2. Convert the HTML to Evernote formatted XML file

This is the key step and we need a tiny tool written by Javascript, it's an online tool and the link is:

First we need to copy the source codes of the HTML file, and paste it into the "Paste html here" box, and click "parse to Evernote XML" button. If everything goes well, you will see "parsed: *** bookmarks in ** subfolders".

Then copy all the codes in the lower box, and paste to Windows Notepad, save the file with the extension name ".enex", and attention, please choose the encoding as "UTF-8".

Now you can import this ".enex" file to your Evernote now!