Thursday, February 28, 2013

How to read Nook books on Kindle Fire (HD)

You may have Nook books previously purchased from Barnes & Noble and now want to read them on your Kindle Fire (HD). The Nook app is not available in the Amazon app store but you can get it with a few extra steps. Here I will explain how to read Nook books on Kindle Fire (HD) by installing Nook app without having to root your device.

First of all, allow your Kindle Fire device to install apps out of Amazon app store.
Tap the top right corner (exactly the setting icon) on Kindle Fire (I take my Kindle Fire for example). Select "More ..." -> "Device", scroll down to "Allow Installation of Applications" and tap "ON" (regardless of the warning).

For Kindle Fire HD, place your finger on the top of the screen and swipe down until the setting menu displays. Tap "More ..." - > "Device" -> "Allow Installation of Applications" -> "ON".

Method 1
Search for "Nook for Android APK free download" on Kindle Fire's built-in browser ( is a reliable site) and download. Tap the option button -> "Downloads" at the bottom of the webpage to get the downloaded item. Tap to install.

Method 2
1. Google for "Nook for Android APK free download" & download it to your computer (or click here to download) and then transfer the downloaded APK file to the "Documents" folder of Kindle Fire (HD) with the USB cable connected to computer.

2. Tap "Web" on the tool bar and type in as follows:


read Nook books on Kindle Fire - input url

3. Tap "Go". You will be asked whether to install Nook for android app on your Kindle Fire (HD)

read Nook books on Kindle Fire - ask to install

At last, select "Install" and then "Open". Sign in with your Nook account. All your purchased Nook books will be synced automatically and displayed under the archive.

Now you can read your purchased Nook books on Kindle Fire (HD) with ease. Similarly, you can also read Kobo and Sony books on Kindle Fire (HD).

For non-purchased EPUB books from public domains, directly put them under the "Nook" folder on your Kindle Fire title and it will be OK.

How to read Nook books on Kindle / Paperwhite

As there is no Nook app for black-and-white Kindle / Paperwhite eReaders, we can't read Nook books on Kindle with ease. Due to Nook DRM protection, it is impossible to convert Nook EPUB to Kindle supported MOBI, either. Follow this guide to remove Nook DRM in 2 ways.

And if you are looking for the method to read Kindle books on Nook, click this link:

Monday, February 25, 2013

Three Best Alternative EReaders to Amazon's Kindle Lineup

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...
Cover via Amazon
There’s no doubt about it. Amazon’s Kindle is by far the most popular e-book reader ever to be made. But that doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with no alternatives apart from the Kindle and all its versions. In fact, the new breed of e-readers does more than just enable reading. They have music, apps, videos and a host of other things. Here are our top three choices for your consideration.

Kobo Glo

If you need international options, it doesn’t get better than the Kobo Glo. A touch-screen interface, front light, high resolution e-ink display and Wi-Fi- these are just some of the features that the Glo boasts of. It hardly weighs a thing, which means you can carry it around with no problems at all. The device supports Adobe DRM and EPUB files and you can fill it with more and more, because it comes with additional memory. It goes up to 32 GB.

If there is a drawback, it lies in the limited choice of books at the Kobo store, in comparison to what you’d get with the Kindle and the Nook. But you can use your PC to connect to lending libraries and third- party e-book purchases, so this is an issue that isn’t a major concern. There’s no headphone jack, so audio books or music and videos are out of the question.

The entire experience can be personalized, changing fonts, justification and margins. The built-in dictionary comes with 13 language choices- in keeping with the international feel. A good interface, screen refresh options, powerful built-in light, high-res display and solid hardware makes the Kobo Glo a good choice.

Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight

The Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight, from Barnes & Noble, is self-illuminated e-reader and has a lovely glowing light that is uniform and is shown off beautifully across the high-contrast Pearl touch screen with e-ink. For all you insomniacs, here’s a perfect thing to keep you company at night. Good battery life, no annoying advertisements, expansion slot for additional memory, built in Wi-Fi access to the store, social networking features and –book lending and EPUB loan support makes this device a good option.

It does not come with audio and you won’t find a web browser or 3G. Also, while the rubberized back of the device makes it easier to hold on to and handle, it does tend to get smudged and dirty that much quicker. Suffice it to say, this is a great device for nighttime reading.

Sony Reader

The PRS-T2 to be precise has the best of both the devices we saw previously. There’s an e-ink Pearl touchscreen in all its six-inch glory, it’s thin and light and it has great battery life. But where it distinguishes itself from the pack is in its note taking capabilities. Thanks to the Evernote integration, this reader lets you sync bookmarks, notes and documents on your computer and phone. This is something truly unique in the world of the e-book readers.

So as you can see, the Kindle is no longer the only way to go. There’s a lot out there. So do explore.
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Friday, February 22, 2013

5 things to consider before buying a tablet

You might be considering buying a tablet with the explosion of available tablets around the world. However, you should consider these 5 things before you make your decision.

1. OS
The three main operating systems for tablets are Android, iOS and Windows 8 RT. In most cases, I would recommend Android OS, which is much easier to get started with compared to apple's iOS and the latest Windows 8. These other systems are still dependant on their corresponding desktop applications. Users can easily transfer files from a computer to a tablet with the USB cable connected, and vice versa. If you are familiar with apple iOS products, it will be OK to buy an iPad. The main issue with Windows 8 is that there aren't as many win 8 apps in the app market as the other two although the Metro style is indeed intriguing.

In addition, don't forget to figure out whether your ideal android tablet is based on a pure Android or a forked one. The former enables users to download many awesome apps from Google Android market whereas the latter one often offers a closed app store with limited titles such as with the Amazon Kindle Fire.

2. Brand
You must have known the names of those most popular tablets like Apple iPad, Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD. You are sure to find other cheaper (better) titles when you go to a store. I do not mean that you have to choose one from the given brands, but you'd better consider the mainstream brands first. One fact is that you can always easily get the solution from the Internet, when your tablet goes wrong, while you may have to call the support when it comes to a less famous title.

3. Size
There are 7 inch and larger size (8.9 inch, 9.7 inch, etc.) models in the tablet market. In all probability, you are inclined to get a larger-screen one for superb video / gaming experience. However, you should think about the portability. A 9-inch-size tablet is much more difficult to cary around with you, especially for ladies who prefer to carry a compact handbag.

4. Camera
Nearly all currently prevailing tablets come with front-facing camera primarily for video chat, but few of them offer a rear camera. Apparently, that's because it's more expensive and offers little value to the user who likely has as good a camera on their phone. If you do hope to get a tablet with a rear camera, remember to verify this feature, rather than take it for granted.

5. SD card slot
After some time's use with all kinds of apps installed plus videos / music files downloaded, you may feel the storage is not sufficient any more. Thus a tablet including SD card slot is no doubt a better option. The Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD both lack an SD card slot, so people are advised to buy the more expensive model with more built-in storage.

Customers may consider many other factors including price, processor, display resolution, UI, storage, etc. The most important thing is to buy a well-performing tablet at a reasonable price and enjoy yourself.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro brief review: people impossibly vote for this high-end tablet

Microsoft Surface tablets have been on everyone's lips since last year. However, sales of both titles does not seem that satisfactory by now.

Surface RT (32G) sells at $559, which is parallel to the price of an ultrabook or a lower-end laptop, while it inherently belongs to the tablet category. Obviously, people are unlikely to pay a lot of money for a unripe tablet since there are so many well-performed android tablets, such as Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD.

What about the Surface Pro titles? They (64G/128G) are relatively worth the high prices with the PC-compatible (Windows 8) platform, dual-core 1.7GHZ processor, 1920*1080 resolution, together with the distinctive Type/ Touch cover, which deliver significantly better experience than budget 7-inch tablets. Compared to regular laptops / ultrabooks, Surface Pro tablets still stand out with few shorts but a thinner and lighter size, which makes it clear that they are finest tablet-like laptop (computer).

Judging from the sales, Surface Pro titles are not as welcome as expected, largely resulting from their excessive prices. The battery life of Surface Pro is another defect we can't ignore, which is claimed to get around 8 hours but eventually 4 hours (playing games).

Anyway, this VIDEO review from CNET helps us to know about this hot gadget better.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hands-on with 'PocketBook A 10' eReader

English: A Picture of a eBook EspaƱol: Foto de...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Having won the “Product of the Year” award at the International Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo in Moscow last year, PocketBook A10 eReader has been in the limelight. Here are some interesting details about the product and why it fetched top spot as an eReader among other tablets and gizmos:

Technical specifications of PocketBook A10:

The PocketBook A10 comes with the following tech specs:

  • 1GHz central processing unit,
  • 10” touchscreen display,
  • 1024x768 pixels resolution with HD clarity,
  • 512MG random access memory (RAM),
  • 4GB storage capacity,
  • 32GB microSD extendable memory card,
  • Inbuilt 3G Internet access capability,
  • Wi-Fi capability,
  • 2MP front facing webcam with in-built mike,
  • Less than 700 gms weight,
  • USB port and data cable,
  • 6600mAh battery that lasts for more than 8 hours with non-stop use.

Despite newer Android versions like Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich, the PocketBook A10 works on Android Gingerbread 2.3. The device comes with a big selection of pre-loaded apps along with access to more than 60,000 apps, including eBooks from Google Play. It has e-reader applications like Kindle, Kobo and Nook. The touchscreen eBooks widget will give you direct access to almost 100
books, all free of cost. Additionally, access to Android Market will widen a reader’s choice of apps and eBooks.

What makes the PocketBook A10 special is the fact that you can customize your books and documents to improve your reading experience. Functions like scrolling and page turn can be done with shortcut buttons. When you want to wade through a lot of technical information, this is a real boon. Other tasks like zoom in/out, settings, back and home also make navigation easier.

What you can do with PocketBook A10 when you want a break from reading. The multimedia and gaming experience with 3D graphics display is probably the reason why PocketBook A10 seems more like a tablet than an exclusive eReader. With Wi-Fi and 3G Internet connectivity online gaming can be a life-like experience. The music, video and games can be downloaded very quickly. The RAM is more than sufficient to make high quality audio and video playback a pleasant experience.

For music lovers, the PocketBook supports two file formats:

  • mp3
  • wav.

The gaming and video buffs can enjoy HD picture quality and clear sound effects with file formats

  • mkv,
  • avi,
  • mp4.

Despite access to Google Play store, excellent battery life, innumerable apps and compact lightweight design, this device does have its downside. Some readers may not like the touchscreen navigation as they are more comfortable with the traditional shortcut buttons of a keyboard. To learn new methods of operation to read books may seem tedious.

Not having the latest dual-core processing of latest Android operating systems, the PocketBook A10 is bound to show speed problems. Also, Android Gingerbread 2.3 is reportedly not slated for any upgrades in the future. This could cause problems with some newer apps and raise compatibility issues in the future.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to add a cover to an EPUB / PDF / MOBI book

EPUB, PDF and Kindlle MOBI books converted from other formats or downloaded from torrent sites are sometimes cover-missing, which inevitably makes the whole eBook-reading journey less satisfactory. Take it easy. Here I will explain how to add a cover to an EPUB / PDF / MOBI book with free Calibre.

And here is a guide post focus on change Kindle book's cover image.

1. Download and install Calibre on your computer.

2. Launch Calibre and drag & drop your cover-missing books to it.

3. Select a book and click “Edit metadata” on top menu bar.

4. Select “Download cover” on the following window. Calibre will auto search for the EPUB (PDF / MOBI) cover online. You can edit book title, author, etc on this window as well.

5. Click to select a cover from the search results and click “OK”.

6. The cover will get updated at once. Click “OK”.

7. Go back to the main panel, you will find the cover added to the EPUB book accordingly.

If you have got a cover on your computer, you can also select “Browse” on “Edit Metadata” screen to add cover.

The cover will be added as well. Click “OK” to go back to the main screen.

Covers have been added to the EPUB and PDF books.

However, things are not done yet!

As long as you select one eBook and click “Click to open” on the right hand side to check the cover-added EPUB / PDF book, you will find the cover is missing still!

I noticed this problem when I tried to check the result by deleting the original version from Calbre and adding the newly generated EPUB and PDF to it. To my surprise, the covers of both files were missing still. The covers haven't been integrated to both eBooks!

Then how to successfully add a cover to an EPUB / PDF / MOBI eBook?

It’s easy. Just one more step.

When finishing adding covers to EPUB / PDF / MOBI books, don’t forget to select the title and convert the book to its original format again. For example, if the original is PDF, convert it to PDF again after adding a cover to it.

Set the “Output format” as PDF (according to the original) and click “OK” to convert.

When the status in the lower right corner turns to “0”, the conversion is done.

Click “Click to open” to get the converted book (PDF), you will find both the converted PDF and the original one with “original” chars added to the file name under the output folder.

Add the newly created book (PDF) to Calibre and check again (with all originals deleted from Calibre). You will find the cover has been successfully added to the PDF book this time.

Now, two steps to add a cover to an EPUB/PDF/MOBI eBook by yourself: Edit metadata and convert to its original format. Drop a comment below if you have any problem.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Goodbye, eBook-lending sites

I am sad about this title, but that seems to be the fact. Those famous eBook-lending sites are doomed to be taken over, from Lendle to eBookFling, ending in a depauperate way. Now let’s check those previously popular eBook lending / borrowing sites (3rd-party).

I was immensely excited the first time I used lendle, which enabled me to get a loaned Kindle book very promptly. Kindle device is not required here. Users can request books as long as they have Kindle reading apps installed and owned at least one Kindle book. I tried with a free Kindle book, and it’s all right. However, lendle announced to look for buyers last May and was said to be purchased at a 6-figure price. I checked it the other day but failed to loan any book. It exclusively recommends Kindle books to users now.

One merit of BookLending is that readers can request to loan books without owning or lending any Kindle book. If you have ever lent books to others, apparently, it will be sooner to get your request accepted. However, most people cannot figure out how this site actually works. It is also uncertain that whether or not it is affiliated with Amazon Kindle.

Unlike the first two eBook-lending sites, eBookFling supports both Kindle and Nook titles. Launched in 2011, eBookFling once aimed to offer a better lending community with better service than its peers by monitoring the trade process. However, it was reported days ago, that eBookFling was being up for sale in the market.

So what is left? Search for free books online in vain (mostly), or go to eBook store.