Saturday, February 2, 2013

Goodbye, eBook-lending sites

I am sad about this title, but that seems to be the fact. Those famous eBook-lending sites are doomed to be taken over, from Lendle to eBookFling, ending in a depauperate way. Now let’s check those previously popular eBook lending / borrowing sites (3rd-party).

I was immensely excited the first time I used lendle, which enabled me to get a loaned Kindle book very promptly. Kindle device is not required here. Users can request books as long as they have Kindle reading apps installed and owned at least one Kindle book. I tried with a free Kindle book, and it’s all right. However, lendle announced to look for buyers last May and was said to be purchased at a 6-figure price. I checked it the other day but failed to loan any book. It exclusively recommends Kindle books to users now.

One merit of BookLending is that readers can request to loan books without owning or lending any Kindle book. If you have ever lent books to others, apparently, it will be sooner to get your request accepted. However, most people cannot figure out how this site actually works. It is also uncertain that whether or not it is affiliated with Amazon Kindle.

Unlike the first two eBook-lending sites, eBookFling supports both Kindle and Nook titles. Launched in 2011, eBookFling once aimed to offer a better lending community with better service than its peers by monitoring the trade process. However, it was reported days ago, that eBookFling was being up for sale in the market.

So what is left? Search for free books online in vain (mostly), or go to eBook store.