Friday, December 28, 2012

How to merge epub files with free Sigil

People need to merge EPUB files to one EPUB file in some cases. I have previously written a brief guide as to how to make an EPUB book with free Sigil, here I will show you how to merge EPUP files with Sigil again.

An EPUB file uses XHTML to construct the content of a book. Unlike PDF, an EPUB file is based on a collection of compressed files, which can be actually edited. We will manually deal with these EPUB files and eventually put them in one EPUB file.

Download & install Sigil.

1. Decide which is your major EPUB file. Or just select the first chapter (EPUB file).

merge EPUB 1

2. Rename all other EPUB files from ****.epub to ****.zip, decompress the zip file one by one and you will get the extracted folders.

merge EPUB 2

3. Double click one extracted folder, then "OEBPS" -> “Text”, you will find files like "html"/"htm"/"xhtml". Delete redundant files about cover, author bio, forward and so on.

merge EPUB 3

4. Copy content html files to a newly created folder (anyname). Then repeat this operation on every other "non-chapter1" folder. Here are 4 epub files in total, you need to rename the other 3 files to zip and get 3 folders exclude the main (chapter 1) file. Then you will get all non-primary htm/html/xhtml files in one folder.

merge EPUB 4

5. Open the primary EPUB file (Chapter 1) with sigil.

merge EPUB 5

6. Right- click "Text" folder on the left column. Then "Add Existing Files" and locate to the newly created folder and add all those files.

merge EPUB 6

7. Then you can drag and drop each html files and make sure they are in chapter order.

merge EPUB 7

8. Double-click each file under Text folder and make sure the title is in "h1" format.

merge EPUB 8

9. Generate TOC index file (Table of Contents). If there is any original index (Table of Contents) file, right-click to delete. Select "Tools" menu -> "Table of Contents" -> "Generate Table of Contents …" ". Deselect blank items on the pop “Generate Table of Contents” window. Then click “OK”.

merge EPUB 9

merge EPUB 10

Select "Tools" menu -> "Table of Contents" -> "Create HTML Table of Contents". Then a "TOC.HTML"will be created under "Text" folder. Drag it to the proper position.

merge EPUB 11

10. "File" menu - "Save". Then you can reopen the chapter1 epub file to check!

merge EPUB 12

Now we have successfully merged several EPUB files into one book.

Monday, December 24, 2012

A $99 android tablet is coming, without price/performance ratio lost

Budget things will never go out of date although there have been so many desirable tablets in the 7-inch android market with examples of Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Actually, one of China’s electronic tycoons, Acer, has decided to launch a $99 Android tablet called Acer Iconia B1 next year according to the WSJ.

The price of $99 is no doubt a surprise to us, especially to those who are all through looking for something less than 100 dollars. However, we are just fed up with so much bad stuff. Do you remember the 10-dollar Txtr eagle eReader without internet supported and sufficient storage? I am afraid few people will vote for that reading device in the end.

Fortunately, this 7” android tablet won’t disappoint us, either, from the angle of hardware, which comes with a 1.2 G dual-core processor under a resolution of 1024*600. Compared to its peers, Acer Iconia B1 is said to deliver good specs parallel to Amazon Kindle Fire and Nook tablet whereas it would be dozens of dollars cheaper.

It is obvious that this high price-to-performance-ratio title, Acer Iconia B1, will targets a wider selection of markets instead of exclusive US or European markets. In fact, Acer has filed an application with the U.S. FCC and wait for the eventual result.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Top 10 Latest Gadgets For 2012

A new gadget that lasts only for a few days is worth more than a boring work that lasts forever. Every year there are many innovations of smart devices and new gadgets in the technical market. There is a lot of competition growing among companies which are making gadgets like Smartphones, Tablets, iPad’s, laptops, Notebooks and many more. With the launch of these devices, there is an immense growth in the field of technology and people are also going crazy towards those devices.

Samsung Galaxy S3
The year 2012 is the biggest and best year for tech gadgets as there are many creations and developments in the field of technology. Below are top 10 gadgets which are buzzing around the year with latest and advanced features.

1. Samsung Galaxy S3: This is the latest innovation from Samsung. The Galaxy S3 is a Smartphone and is a successful device with the sales of over 20 million pieces in just three months. This device is liked for its sleek design and display of about 4.8 inches. It is also enabled with 8 MP rear cameras & 1.9 MP front cameras. This device runs on the operating system of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with 1.4 GHz processor.

2. Apple iPhone 5: This gadget is the latest and finest innovation from the brand makers of Smartphones, Apple. This iPhone 5 has come with few improved changes from its predecessor iPhone 4S. This device is attracted to its sleek curvy design and amazing Retina display of about 4 inches. It has got better resolutions when compared to iPhone 4S. It is supported by A6 chip and iOS operating system and also has better battery life.

English: Lenovo IdeaPad S10
3. Lenovo Idea Pad: This is another superb device which is from Lenovo, A Korean Development Company. It is a mix of both notebook and tablet and runs on the operating system of Microsoft Windows 8. It is also enabled by Intel Chief River Platform. It is operated with Ivy Bridge processor and entails with 8 GB of RAM. This device has an amazing look in display which is of 13.3 inches with 17 mm thick.

4. Sony Bravia: This LCD device is from Sony Corp. The Sony 84 inches 4k Bravia is unique and a superb device with standard high resolution display. This is the latest and innovative device from which you can experience total HD & 3D entertainment. The LCD panel of this device is made of eight million pixels. It has a three way speaker system and is now available in the range of $24,999.

5. Dell XPS Ultra Book: This is the finest and advanced revolution from DELL. This Ultra book is the latest trend in notebooks and you can also experience real and simple computing. It is a notebook with a display of about 13 inches amazing picture resolution. It is enabled with a chipset of Intel QS67i5 and also has a camera of 1.3 MP it also has an advanced Wi-Fi system.

6. Play Station Vita: This Play station is Sony’s latest console which gained lots of profit with 72 million sales. As for the clarity and dashing sound, this device is enabled with ARM cortex A9 core processor and graphics processing unit. This device is the most powerful gaming console in market for the year 2012. It also has a long-time battery life which empowers you to enjoy games.

7. Xbox 720: This is also a gaming console from Microsoft. It is the latest one from the world’s largest software developer and is named Xbox 720. This gaming console has been invented with an overwhelming response than its predecessor Xbox 360. It is enabled with a unique 8 core processor and it also supports 3D TV, Live TV and Multi TV. It is also assisted with the feature of a webcam.

8. HP Compaq Elite: This is the latest innovation from HP {Hewlett Packard}. You can say this as the All-in-One device as it has amazing functions. It's got all the stylish looks and the screen is about 23 inches wide with superb brightness and supports multi colours. It is also entailed with a unique web camera of 2.0 MP which is an added feature of this device.

9. Nokia Pureview: Nokia Pureview is the latest gadget and magnificent mobile phone launched by Nokia. This device is especially known for its camera of 41 MP, which is an amazing and superb creation. It has got flawless AMOLED display of 4 inch with protection by Corning Gorilla Glass. This device is also supported by a single-core ARM processor of 1.3 GHz.

10. Apple iPad 4: This is a fabulous invention from brand Apple, this iPad is the fourth generation iPad and has record sales of three million in just three days of release and has got improved in size and thickness. It is especially featured with a Retina display of 9.7 inches and also entailed with A6X chip which gives you the best performance and also with a Facetime HD camera.

The above devices are the latest and made a crucial appearance in market and if you think you deserve any of this, you can visit a store and if you feel that you are short of cash, you can opt for a cash payday as it is the instant form of cash.

About the Author:
The guest post was contributed by Sophie, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her finance related blogs @financeport

Friday, December 21, 2012

The best budget eBook Reader

An eBook is example of electronic manuscript that people can read via the internet. There are terms and policies that guide readers on how to use the book. It is highly recommended that you print the book and read it at your convenient time. There are numerous best eBook readers that can be purchased at the online auction stores including local retail outlets. Your responsibility as a shopper is to identify the model that best suits your interest. In case you are marooned of the type of eBook to opt for, don’t give up. There are various eReader basics that can be found online; they are suitable for giving all-inclusive guides that make it simple to compare available eBooks. On the internet, you can also find link to other sites where e-reading devices are on auction.

These digital books have gained so much popularity. The Amazon Kindle is easy to read and therefore one can easily digest the information. This book is being downloaded by many people at a fast pace than it was expected. The good thing about Amazon Kindle is that its price tag has drastically decline since it release and therefore customers can make unbelievably great savings by purchasing the eBook on the website. That means you can grab these fabulous digital books as low as $100. In addition, there is wide variety of eBooks to choose from.

However, it is imperative to conduct a deep research before making a conscious decision of purchasing any digital book. EBook readers usually make use of E Ink Screens as well as monochrome to show the text. You can read the book many hours since the E Ink used resembles an ordinary paper. Just like reading any printed book, you will require a light to clearly see the texts. Online auction stores such as Amazon sell eBook of various sizes that are appropriate for students and consumer-level readers. In most cases, the readers prefer 6-inch but there are also 5-inch, 7-inch and 9.6-inch models. For more information on eBook readers read some of the latest reviews on them at

Currently, the producers of eBooks are making the E Ink displays of superior quality. Initially, the pages looked sluggish and the ereaders experienced lots of difficulty while reading the texts. The contemporary eBooks (Nooks and Amazon Kindle) have crisp including vivid texts.

Due to the excellent features of Amazon Kindle, many people regard it as the best budget eBook reader. Its price is reasonable and on top of that, discounted prices, special packages and gift vouchers that enable shoppers to save good money. It is also very easy to download the eBook provided you have stable internet connectivity and computer.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

5 top bestsellers free giveaway this week only!

There are always awesome eBooks in front of us. Apart from the proverbial Hunger Games and Fifty shades serials, here let’s check another 6 books (Fiction) you can’t miss for this Christmas season.

1. The racketeer by John Grisham

After the deaths of 4 federal judges, Judge Raymond Fawcett has become the next one, together with his young secretary. His body was found in the remote lakeside cabin, no struggle or forced entry, just two bodies with one large safe opened. The FBI is thirsty to figure out the truth of the murder and the safe, whereas the racketeer, who is currently known as Malcolm Bannister and a former attorney, actually knows everything. Malcolm is willing to tell them, but there are hurdles in front.

The racketeer, John Grisham’s latest novel, is unquestionably worth your attention.

2. The Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling

The Casual Vacancy is another title from J. K. Rowling. Unlike the Harry Potter series, this is Rowling’s first novel for young adults.
The story starts with the death of Parish Councillor Barry Fairbrother in a suburban West town, Pagford. Subsequently, some rack their brains to get the vacancy while others own ax to grind. This book not exclusively covers the ripple effects after Parish’s death but discloses a variety of social issues, rape, poverty, racism, suicide and the like.

3. THE PANTHER by Nelson DeMille

John Corey and FBI agent wife Kate Mayfield have been sent to Sana'a and work with a small team to track down the mysterious Panther. They are actually reluctant, as John had investigated the Cole bombing before and known the peril of staying at such a place filled with terror and wars. The couple don’t know much in the game, but have to find out who their enemies and allies are. This plot-gripping story is sure to get you hooked.

4. The Bone Bed by Patricia Cornwell

The first time I read the review of “The Bone Bed”, I myself was enthralled by it.
Chief Medical Examiner, Kay Scarpetta unexpectedly found something weird in her inbox, which is exactly related to a woman who has vanished while digging a bone bed of dinosaur. Next, Kay starts to find that woman’s disappearance is probably related to a series of crimes around her. Even the closest, her husband and niece, make her feel odd and betrayed. You can’t miss this title if it is the genre to your taste.

5. NYPD Red by James Patterson, Marshall Karp

NYPD Red, the special task force, is in charge of the safety of movie stars and the most powerful men in town, working under a high-tense every day. As we can expect, a big shot, who is known as a world-famous producer, suddenly drops dead at his breakfast. Zach Jordan, the top NYPD Red Detective happens to be the first one on the spot. How will he work with his ex-girlfriend, an attractive detective, to find the murderer? What will happen next in the city filled with flames and potential chaos? NYPD Red is bound to be a work you can’t miss.

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3 Advantages E-Books Give Self-Published Authors

It’s an unfortunate fact that in the wild, lawless jungle of mainstream entertainment, the novel is fighting for its place in the circle of life—movies have chased it into exhaustion, video games have gnawed on its legs, and reality television (the biggest predator the world has ever seen) is going for its throat. It’s no surprise that traditional publishing houses and chain bookstores are both shutting their doors.

But if there’s one thing that will keep reading alive in the 21st century, it’s e-books. There’s never been a better platform in literary history for a self-published novelist to take advantage of, and if you’re ever going to take your shot, the time is now. Here are 3 advantages that e-books offer over the old world publishing houses:

Professional-Class Presentation

Let’s say you have an unsold novel about a precocious fairy that leaves the magical land of make-believe to become a hotshot young doctor who narrates her love life in a series of snarky voice-overs, like a Tinker Bell crossed with Grey’s Anatomy. Randall House may have called it “strange,” and ordered you to stop sending over the manuscript week after week.

But now you can have your work edited, uploaded, and professionally displayed on Amazon with the same slick packaging that Steven King’s latest e-books gets. You’ll be doing all of this yourself, of course, but the platform is there. Give a college kid $50 to sketch a fairy wand entwined with a stethoscope for the cover, dedicate your digital fly page to some imaginary mentor, and your book looks just as polished and professional on a Kindle or Nook as anything by Grisham or Clancy.

You Control 100% Of The Finished Product

Continuing the subject of book covers, there’s an interesting phenomenon regarding fantasy author Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files series. It’s a spectacularly successful series, spawning 14 books, a brief television series, graphic novels, role-playing games, and more. And yet there’s a running gag in the novels where the hero repeatedly claims that he never wears hats. Why? Because he’s wearing one on nearly every single book cover. This author—who has made his publisher considerable sums of money—keeps dropping hints in the book that Harry Dresden doesn’t look that way. Yet Dresden keeps popping up with a black fedora, like a cross between Indiana Jones and a cruise ship magician.

That’s a very minor detail for an established bestselling author, and he still can’t get his way. How much control is a first time novelist required to give up on their life’s work? That may not be an important point for everyone—compromise is a part of any professional’s life. But if you have a vision and you want to see it through, a self-published e-book will let you keep your dream intact.

You Get Paid For Every E-book Sold

It’s extremely difficult to make a living as a novelist; you really do have to crack the bestseller’s list to make it as a full time author. This is made twice as difficult by the traditional payment structure of publishing houses: you receive an initial advance for your first book, usually in the neighborhood of $5,000-10,000. Then your book has to sell enough copies to make back its entire production cost before you see another dime. If your novel goes the distance, your royalty checks will come in anywhere from once every couple of months to once a year. It’s hard to pay the cable bill on time when you won’t get your paycheck until there’s snow back on the ground.

But with a self-published e-book, you get paid for every sale. There’s no advance, obviously, since you never sold the rights to anyone, but if you manage to scrape up 100 sales for your book in January, you get paid in January. The popularity of e-books has made novel writing a legitimate second profession for a lot of people, even allowing a hardworking few the chance to transition to fulltime work. It’s a lot easier to keep your dream alive if you’re seeing financial results every month, rather than the occasional reminder in the mail, like an automated birthday card from Jiffy Lube.

Novels are in for a tough fight as we continue on through the new millennium. It may very well be that we’re in the waning age of written fiction of any kind. If that’s the case, it’s rewarding that the final age for reading is a time when everyone is given the tools to make their name known, if they’ve got the stamina for it.

Author Bio:
John has published many guest posts across the web on digital and tech related topics. He also writes as a freelancer for some respected brands such as gadget insurance brand Protect Your Bubble, which is a leading insurer of tech gadgets and mobile phones.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Amazon enters China

Finally, Amazon enters Mainland China.

10:00 AM today, people in China who visits (Chinese substation of find that there is a new menu called "Kindle eBooks", then the news spreads the entire China in hours.

Amazon has specially prepared the chinese version of Kindle reader app for, and readers can only register the app with their account. I tried to register my Kindle reader app on iPad which used to be read eBook from (the app download from iTunes US Store), it failed to show up in my Amazon Kindle device list on the official site. It indicates that people can only read eBooks with the chinese version Kindle app (download from CN Store).

After hour of testing, I find that the features on bookstore are similar with, they all support one-click purchase, auto-sync items to your Kindle reader app (as Amazon doesn't release Kindle device in China yet), send document to your Kindle cloud with email address, etc.

At this moment, chinese Kindle eBook Store only enables people in Mainland China, Hongkong, Macau, Taiwan, USA, Canada and Thailand use their account to purchased items.

We all know that the biggest obstacle for Amazon to enter China is the contents as China has a very strict content censorship. Today Amazon's chinese eBook store has been set up, we can be confident enough to believe that the most popular e-ink reader device and the wonderful Kindle Fire tablet will show up in China in the near future.

Kindle AZW, TPZ and the related PHL, MBP, APNX and LPR files

I always thought that Kindle content files were something like AZW and TPZ until I came across a guy trying to convert Kindle APNX file to PDF the other day. I was not wrong, frankly. I just wondered why people would attempt such a conversion. Then what roles do those PHL, MBP, APNX and LPR files under "My Kindle Content" folder play? Are they useful or simply useless?

I did an experiment by deleting all non-content files under "My Kindle Content". Therefore there were just AZW files left on my disc (I haven't got any TPZ books yet). I then launched Kindle for PC and every downloaded book worked all right. Thus I came to a conclusion. It’s OK to read Amazon Kindle books without those auxiliary files, such as APNX.

Apparently, related Kindle PHL, MBP, APNX and LPR exert their own functions when it comes to highlights, annotations, bookmarks, and the like. I opened a Kindle book to turn to Page 20 and at the same time, there was a MPB file generated under "My Kindle Content" folder. I then added some highlights and bookmarks in the book, however, there was no more file generated. I was curious about the other files and then searched for it on the internet. I got following things from mobileread and Amazon community.
PHL: Kindle Popular Highlights File
MBP: marks, bookmarks, position (last location read)
APNX: Associated (Amazon) page number xref (a map of page numbers)
LPR: Kindle position information
TAN: the same things as the MBP does for AZW files, but comes along with TPZ files.

Thus if you just need to convert your Kindle books to PDF or EPUB or transfer your books to another place, those PHL, MBP, APNX and LPR files can be deleted. It doesn’t matter.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Grab the deal! The Grim Diaries Prequels 1-6!

Howdy everyone, it's time to bring you freebies again. But this time, I am not going to send you books without any charge, but no worry, I promise you this package won't disappoint you.

The Grim Diaries Prequels 1-6 for only $0.99!

Yest, it includes 6 books in this pack and you can get them only in Amazon in 12-13 December. 

About Author

Wonderlander, Neverlander, Unicorn-chaser, enchanter, musician, survived a coma, & totally awesome. Sometimes I tell stories. Always luv the little monsters I write young adult paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and science fiction mostly. The Grimm Diaries series is a seven book saga that deals with retellings of fairy tales from a young adult POV - it connects most of the fairy tales together and claims to be the truth about fairy tales. I live in San Fransisco and seriously think circles are way cooler than triangles.

If you want to get more information, here is author's official site:

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Take notes on Kindle Fire (Kindle Fire HD / Google Nexus 7 / Nook HD) using free InkPad app

Sometimes we need to take notes on our tablets, kindle Fire HD, Nexus 7 or other titles. This is especially useful for college students. Here I would recommend a free note-taking app, InkPad, for Android tablets.

This free app is available in amazon app store as well as Google's Android Market. Or you can follow me to download this app through Kindle Fire's built-in browser.

Allow installation of applications on Kindle Fire
Turn on "Allow Installation of Applications" on Kindle Fire. Tap the upper right corner on home screen. Select "More …" -> "Device". Scroll down to "Allow Installation of Applications" and tap "ON".

take notes on Kindle Fire - turn on "Allow Installation of Applications"
Tap "OK" on the following warning window.

take notes on Kindle Fire - confirm to install external apps

Download & install InkPad 
1. Download InkPad (WIFI/3G required). Tap "Web" on home screen of Kindle Fire (HD) to launch Kindle Fire (HD)'s built-in browser. Search for "InkPad app download" on the device's built-in browser and scroll to to download InkPad APK file. Seconds later, tap the "Menu" icon on the bottom of the download page and select "Downloads".

take notes on Kindle Fire - download InkPad

2. Tap the InkPad_Notepad ***.apk and install.

take notes on Kindle Fire - install InkPad

Use InkPad to take notes Launch InkPad. 
Tap the "+" icon in the bottom to create a note and type words. Tap the two icons beside the "Buy now" on the right side to go to the "tick" mode. Under this mode, you can tick the items you have finished. Apart from that, you can tap the upper left icon to go back to InkPad main screen.

take notes on Kindle Fire using InkPad

Sync notes 
Tap the "Menu" icon on the bottom to change default settings. You can also sync notes to the web if you upgrade to a premium member. Free users can manually send their notes via email. Just tap one note and tap the "share" icon. Select "Send with Email" and you will get your note on your inbox soon. In this case, you can sync your notes on different devices without charge, though it's a bit burdensome.

take notes on Kindle Fire - send with email

take notes on Kindle Fire - edit email address

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to Transfer iPad Video/Songs to Amazon Kindle Fire (HD)

We know that the Kindle DX can convert the text of some books and magazine articles into speech. But I once heard that people can listen to music on Kindle while reading. I can't believe my ears. As a tablet, Amazon Kindle Fire (HD) has added the ability to play music and movies while you're reading or otherwise using the device.

More suprisingly, there is a way to help you transfer ipad video/songs to amazon kindle fire, which is wonderful! Now let's talk about it.

Part 1: Transfer movies/songs from ipad to computer

As we know, it's hard to use iTunes to transfer iPad media to PC. Thus I recommend to you an easy-to-use tool to transfer iPad media to PC, which is know as Cucusoft iPAD/iPOD/iPHONE to Computer Transfer.

Step 1: Connect your iPad to computer and run iPad Transfer. The playlists of iPad will be shown on the interface. (Don't let iTunes launch automatically, it will erase your all iPad music)

Step 2: Choose your iPad songs files that will be uploaded to computer. Then mark the files you need to upload to computer from iPad.

Step 3: Click "Start Transfer" button to transfer songs from iPad to computer, then choose "Export to Disk Only" on the following form. The program will automatically open iTunes after transferring.

Part 2:Remove Media DRM

Remove DRM from your purchased Media with Aimersoft DRM Media Converter.

It is an all-in-one DRM removal software that helps you to remove DRM protection from movies and songs bought from iTunes and convert common unprotected music and video to target formats. Then computer and itunes will do the rest.

Part 3: Transfer videos / songs from computer to Amazon Kindle fire HD

Step 1: Connect your Kindle to the computer using the USB cable.

Step 2: Select "My Computer" from the Windows Start menu to view the computer and network drives. Mac users can see that the Kindle registers as an external drive in the Finder window or desktop.

Step 3: Double click the drive for Kindle to open directory. Double click the "Music" folder under Kindle directory and a separate window will be opened. Pay attention to the "music" folder, which is where you should drop your mp3 files.

Step 4: Select the desired MP3 music file and drag it to the Kindle Music folder to create a copy. Play songs on the Kindle device by selecting the option "Play MP3" on the "Experimental" page.

Amazon Kindle Fire Content formats supported: Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively, Audible (Audible Enhanced (AA, AAX)), DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, non-DRM AAC, MP3, MIDI, OGG, WAV, MP4, VP8. It does not support the standard EPUB book format used by Google Books and other publishers.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

How do smartphones & tablets affect our life?

More and more people have owned smartphones nowadays. Some also possess larger-display tablets, which deliver better experience when it comes to vision and manipulation. In this article, I will discuss how smartphones & tablets have affected our daily life.

How many things have been replaced by smartphones & tablets?
Smartphones and tablets have greatly shaped our life unconsciously. With a collection of powerful apps installed, a smartphone (sometimes a tablet) can be used as an clock, a GPS locator, a digital camera, a notebook, a telephone, an MP3 player, a front camera (optional), a shelf of books and newspaper, a game device, access to internet, a recorder, a DVD player, a flashlight and the like. Thanks to so many functional apps, we eventually save a lot on these things.

How many hours do we spend on smartphones & tablets every day?
Frankly, I cannot give a figure as to this question. But what will you do if you don’t work / eat / sleep or have no computer at hand? These mobile devices have actually served as fully functional assistants rather than single gadgets. In the digital era, smartphones & tablets have splendidly offered users access to all kinds of information across the world. Many people have spent over 3 hours on smartphones & tablets per day. As one of the results, a large amount of people have suffered from serious eye strain.

How do smartphones and tablets affect each other? 
Compared to tablets, smartphones appear to be more practical as they work as telephones at the same time. Apart from the size and call function, I personally keep that tablets and smartphones are nearly the same. Although there are high-end tablets endowed with specific features, such as Samsung GALAXY Note and its S pen, most tablet functions can be achieved on cognate smartphones. Some people prefer to take 5” smartphone titles so that they don’t have to invest extra money on tablets.

In some cases, nevertheless, tablets take on particular advantages over smartphones. Supposing that you have a business appointment with others, a tablet is apparently more formal and professional than a smartphone. Smartphones are after all personal items whereas tablets can be used as common tools in certain occasions. Besides, 10 inch size is pretty cumbersome for a mobile but it’s almost perfect for a tablet.

Smartphones and tablets have played a big part in our everyday life. But please make time to walk, chat or do something else. It would be a terrible thing if we tremendously immense ourselves in the virtual world and lack real life experience.