Thursday, December 20, 2012

5 top bestsellers free giveaway this week only!

There are always awesome eBooks in front of us. Apart from the proverbial Hunger Games and Fifty shades serials, here let’s check another 6 books (Fiction) you can’t miss for this Christmas season.

1. The racketeer by John Grisham

After the deaths of 4 federal judges, Judge Raymond Fawcett has become the next one, together with his young secretary. His body was found in the remote lakeside cabin, no struggle or forced entry, just two bodies with one large safe opened. The FBI is thirsty to figure out the truth of the murder and the safe, whereas the racketeer, who is currently known as Malcolm Bannister and a former attorney, actually knows everything. Malcolm is willing to tell them, but there are hurdles in front.

The racketeer, John Grisham’s latest novel, is unquestionably worth your attention.

2. The Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling

The Casual Vacancy is another title from J. K. Rowling. Unlike the Harry Potter series, this is Rowling’s first novel for young adults.
The story starts with the death of Parish Councillor Barry Fairbrother in a suburban West town, Pagford. Subsequently, some rack their brains to get the vacancy while others own ax to grind. This book not exclusively covers the ripple effects after Parish’s death but discloses a variety of social issues, rape, poverty, racism, suicide and the like.

3. THE PANTHER by Nelson DeMille

John Corey and FBI agent wife Kate Mayfield have been sent to Sana'a and work with a small team to track down the mysterious Panther. They are actually reluctant, as John had investigated the Cole bombing before and known the peril of staying at such a place filled with terror and wars. The couple don’t know much in the game, but have to find out who their enemies and allies are. This plot-gripping story is sure to get you hooked.

4. The Bone Bed by Patricia Cornwell

The first time I read the review of “The Bone Bed”, I myself was enthralled by it.
Chief Medical Examiner, Kay Scarpetta unexpectedly found something weird in her inbox, which is exactly related to a woman who has vanished while digging a bone bed of dinosaur. Next, Kay starts to find that woman’s disappearance is probably related to a series of crimes around her. Even the closest, her husband and niece, make her feel odd and betrayed. You can’t miss this title if it is the genre to your taste.

5. NYPD Red by James Patterson, Marshall Karp

NYPD Red, the special task force, is in charge of the safety of movie stars and the most powerful men in town, working under a high-tense every day. As we can expect, a big shot, who is known as a world-famous producer, suddenly drops dead at his breakfast. Zach Jordan, the top NYPD Red Detective happens to be the first one on the spot. How will he work with his ex-girlfriend, an attractive detective, to find the murderer? What will happen next in the city filled with flames and potential chaos? NYPD Red is bound to be a work you can’t miss.

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