Wednesday, May 30, 2012

OverDrive launches eBooks Reading Platform

As a star-eBook-app, OverDrive claims that they are working on a new plan, the browser-based digital reading platform called OverDrive Read. 

The platform is based on the hot HTML5 technology and the industry standard, ePUB. Readers can achieve those eBooks without the app, but just a web browser, even if you are off-line.

Here is the detailed information about this project:

“OverDrive Read creates a URL for each title where preview, review copies, browsing and sampling can be widely and easily promoted.  OverDrive Read supports both online and offline reading with configurable, industry-approved copyright protection for eBooks.”
The company says the project will come to birth later this year, click here if you are all eagerness to see how it gonna be.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Amazon stops publishing public domain content

Amazon has updated its Content Guidelines, the high-light is:
Public Domain and Other Non-Exclusive Content Some types of content, such as public domain content, may be free to use by anyone, or may be licensed for use by more than one party. We will not accept content that is freely available on the web unless you are the copyright owner of that content. For example, if you received your book content from a source that allows you and others to re-distribute it, and the content is freely available on the web, we will not accept it for sale on the Kindle store. We do accept public domain content, however we may choose to not sell a public domain book if its content is undifferentiated or barely differentiated from one or more other books. 
This is a good signal, Amazon is working hard to offer us good quality content, but not the junk eBooks with the stuff copied from Wikipedia.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

How to jailbreak IOS 5.1.1 with Absinthe

With the release of Absinthe 2.0, the IOS 5.1.1 perfect jailbreak is possible now. Here is the detailed guide of how to jailbreak IOS 5.1.1.

Breaking news: Absinthe has updated to 2.0.2, add supporting to (GSM)iPhone 4 9B208.
Download the Absinthe 2.0.2 here: (Absinthe has updated to 2.0.4, iPad 2.4 is supported for now. )

Step 1. Run Absinthe 2.0.1
Step 2Connect your device to your computer with Absinthe opened, then Absinthe will detect the device that you connect, if fail, connect again. Make sure your device is turned on and at the Home screen. You do not have to use DFU mode at all. (Pod2g said:"Even your grandma can jailbreak with Absinthe".)
Step 3Click Jailbreak, and let the process complete. You will see your device restore, don't worry, it's very normal.
Step 4There will be a message that the jailbreak is done, then there will be a Cydia app icon on your Home screen. Now you can unplug your device.
Step 5. Open Cydia, enjoy jailbreaking!

eBook Converter updates to V1.0.6

The only converter which can handle DRMed eBooks.
  • Support AZW, Mobi, PRC, ePUB, PDF formats.
  • Remove Kindle, Adobe, Nook DRM.
  • Drag & Drop files.
  • Auto detective the meta information of the books.
  • Batch conversion.
  • Auto open the output folder after converting.
  • Show task process.

Get it here:

Adobe ePUB & PDF DRM Removal updates to V.1.7.3

New features for V 1.7.3
  • Remove DRM from Adobe ePUB and PDF eBooks.
  • Batch decryption.
  • Automatically scan your Adobe Digital Eidtions folder, you can also customize your source folder.
  • Automatically open the output folder after decryption, you can set this function up in the setting window.
  • Detailed decryption process message window.
  • 2 books decryption for one time in free trial period.

Download it here:

Kindle DRM Removal V 2.4.3 has been released!

  • Removing DRM from Amazon Kindle eBooks, including AZW, Mobi, PRC formats.
  • Automatically scan your Kindle Contents folder, or you can customize the source folder.
  • Batch decryption.
  • Detailed decryption process message window.
  • Decrypting with Kindle serial number, if you can’t download the books via Kindle for PC with the authorized ID.
  • Automatically open the output folder once the decryption finishes.
  • Decrypting 2 books for one time in the free trial period.

Download address:

The version updates to V2.5.6:
  • Update the decryption core, remove DRM from your eBooks faster and more stable;
  • Fix the error “out of string table limits”, and the error “out of list range” ;
  • Fix the bugs which lead to program boot failure;
  • Add drag & drop feature in the registered version;
  • Add right click menu in the registered version, which enable you to delete the item.