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Tips to Earn More Cash By Selling an Ebook

The invention of the e-reader managed to change the publishing and writing world in various and profound ways. Not only is it now cheaper to buy an ebook, but writers don't have to wait as long to see their material in print, allowing them to find and capture their audience faster than ever and earn more money. Just because it's easier to create and distribute an ebook doesn't mean that you don't have to put as much effort into it as you would if you were taking the traditional publishing route.

There are a few important factors to consider before you even think about making money writing an ebook:

Do you have a large enough audience/market?

Do you have a professional editor to work with?

What's your marketing strategy?

Do you have a platform?

If you want to make money from an ebook, you need an audience with enough interest in your material to spend money and invest time on your work. Take a look at bestseller lists and bookseller websites to see what genres and subjects are popular. If your idea doesn't fall within those parameters, then you may want to rethink or tweak your idea.

One of the biggest mistakes with ebooks is that authors are in such a rush to get their material on digital bookshelves that they put out a poorly-written and poorly edited product. This not only makes the author look unprofessional, but destroys any credibility they may have had with their readers. Word-of-mouth can either boost sales or hamper them, so make sure that your work sparkles.

Having a professional editor will show readers that you are a serious writer who cares about the product they are putting out. While hiring an editor may cost money, it'll save you future embarrassment and will make your writing that much stronger, which can equal sales. If you can't afford an editor, make sure whoever reads your material is someone well-read and can offer constructive criticism.

With the prominence of social media, there's no excuse for writers not to have a Facebook, Twitter or Goodreads account. Not only are these platforms a great way to stay in touch with your readers and find more readers/buyers, it's a good way to stay up-to-date on the latest goings on of the ebook business. Just be sure that you use your social media accounts to share information about your book, not post pictures of what you had for dinner.

Ebooks are a great way to make money doing something that you love. Just make sure that you do it right, take your time and connect yourself with the right people. Other than that, all you need is luck, a good ebook and patience.

About the Author
Jo Harris is an avid reader, author, and social media junkie. When she is not reading or writing about social media she is working as an Outreach Coordinator for the Morgan Law Firm.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Will iPad Mini be your pick?

iPad Mini has been on everyone’s lips even before its actual coming to the world. With its appearance this Tuesday, people who intend to buy a tablet have gained another choice. But will the Mini iPad be your pick?

Apple finally released its small-version tablet, no doubt, aiming at getting a piece of action from the booming 7” tablet market. Among so many 7” tablet opponents, iPad Mini stands out with its iOS platform, rather than the $329 price. For people who are eager to experience apple’s amazing ecosystem, iPad Mini might not be a bad pick, if they do not remarkably care the extra 130 bucks. I personally keep that 7.9” is an advisable size, which is neither too small to fit nor too large to carry, while my colleague geeks hold that the Mini size is exactly a failure compared to the classical iPad. Take Nexus 7 and similar Kindle & Nook HD titles into account, you will find your answer.

However, most people would rather spend around $200 on a tablet just for fun as we do not count too much on such a gadget. Tablet is after all a tablet, which can never take the place of computer in the short run. If you are looking for a high performance-to-price-ratio tablet, Nexus 7 has unquestionably turned out to be the best option exclusively from the angle of its quad-core processor.

Apple patrons, however, have suffered from a loss more or less. Hardly will they keep proud of their iPod Touch as well as the newly purchased iPad 3 as before. What did apple think to make such a decision by sacrificing its fans’ profit?

On the whole, if the 329-dollar price is not a problem and you are still interested in apple’s charm, take the Mini. It won’t be amazing but excellent at least as far as its configuration is concerned.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Will Amazon Kindle Paperwhite’s limitations stop you?

Amazon shed light on 3 limitations of its brand-new E-ink reader, Kindle Paperwhite in a statement on 12th, Oct, just around 10 days after its delivery in the US.

1. Neither audio files nor Text-to-Speech function is supported.

2. Imperfect built-in light. Under bright conditions, Paperwhite offers a display secondary to none while under dark conditions, “the illumination at the bottom of the screen from the built-in light is not perfectly even”, which has been attached with related photos by Amazon itself.

3. 2 G's storage seems to be sort of inferior to some models’ 4 G.

Fortunately, Amazon soon publicized and explained its flaws with a link on its official product page once heaps of complaints arrived. The question is, will Paperwhite’s limitations stop people from buy this fresh built-in-light model?

In all probability, the answer is not. If we are considering an eReader with glowlight, what options will we have other than Kindle’s Paperwhite? Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight or Kobo Glo? Although Nook and Kobo have been laboring hard to ameliorate their devices, it seems the most majority are still inclined to pick Kindle Paperwhite partly due to the following merits.

1. Exceptional E-ink display exclusively for reading. Paperwhite’s unprecedented 212 ppi (62% more) and higher contrast for text (25% higher) make us feel like reading a real black-and-white book rather than a grey-and-white one.

2. Excellent patented built-in light. Amazon Paperwhite takes on an outstanding built-in light with advanced optic technology and design integrated, which remarkably appeals to people who like reading at night, regardless of the given flaws at the bottom of the display in dark conditions. It’s wonderful anyway, isn’t it?

3. Two months’ battery life even with the light on. The actual standby time of Paperwhite may not jibe with the official data totally, nevertheless, our sustainable reading would not be therefore affected since the battery capacity has been greatly improved.

4. Amazon’s complete ecosystem. According to Jeff Bezos, Amazon is making profit from its service instead of devices themselves. There are more eBook titles as well as free titles available on Amazon than titles on the other two opponents.

5. Bandwagon effect. Up against the fact that so many people around us use Kindle and talk about it, we could not but be apt to choose it.

We should not judge a device, say, Kindle Paperwhite ($119) too harshly, as gadgets in the market are hardly all roses. What we do hope to get is the considerate service and the affluent resources to meet our demands after our purchases. We have every reason to believe that Amazon is working towards this all the way while it’s making profit out of such an advisable campaign.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Apple sent invitations for releasing its brand-new titles (probably iPad Mini)

Apple has officially sent out invitations to the press for bringing out its new titles next Tuesday (October 23) without unveiling the details of its products. In all probability, we will have a chance to see the true face of the hottest 7” tablet, iPad Mini.

Earlier this week, it’s rumored that apple would conduct its press conference on October 23. Analysts speculate that iPad Mini will take half the size of regular iPad at a price between $249 and $299. A Mini version (13”) of MacBook is also expected to turn up by the time.

More information falls into the wait-and-see category.

2012 Noble Prize winner Mo Yan's novel eBooks download

English: Mo Yan after giving a reading in Hamb...
English: Mo Yan after giving a reading in Hamburg, Germany.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize for literature was announced as Chinese writer Mo Yanfor his work "with hallucinatory realism merges folk tales, history and the contemporary" at the Swedish Academy in Stockholm on Oct 11th, 2012. He is the first author who has ever achieved this feat and all the domestic and overseas Chinese people are proud of him for his remarkable achievement.

Guan Moye, better known by the pen name Mo Yan, was born in Gaomi city, Shandong Province on Feb 17th, 1955, with his grandfather, father and two elder brothers in his family. He married Du Qinlan in 1979 and they have a daughter named Guan Xiaoxiao. Pressed by The Cultural Revolution in his childhood, he spent up to 10 years in the countryside. Afterwards, he joined the PLA and held a variety of offices from monitor to librarian. He then attended the Literature Department of PLA Art Academy and finally graduated from the Creative Graduate Class of Lu Xun College of Liberal Arts (affiliated toBeijing Normal University).
Mo Yan published his debut novel, Falling Rain on a Spring Night in 1981.Deeply influenced by foreign titles including “One Hundred Years of Solitude” since 1985, he began to approach Magic Realism and combine the imagination with his words in an exaggerated and fantastic way. His works are filled with sensitivity, acuteness, robustness alongside power, which frequently make wavesin the literary world.

Mo Yan has published more than 80 short stories, 30 novellas, 11 novels, etc. and won a series of awards as well as honors: Kiriyama Prize (Notable Books, 2005), Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize XVII (2006),Man Asian Literary Prize (nominee, 2007),Newman Prize for Chinese Literature (2009),Honorary Fellow(by Modern Language Association, 2010), Mao Dun Literature Prize (2011). Since 1988, his works have been widely translated into English, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Russian, Japanese and so forth.

Red Sorghum, Red Sorghum Clan, The Garlic Ballads, The Republic of Wine, Big Breasts & Wide Hips, Sandalwood Death, Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out, Explosions, Frog

Click here to download Mo Yan's novel eBooks (both .ePub and .Mobi format)

迄今为止,莫言发表了80多篇短篇小说、30部中篇小说,11部长篇小说等作品, 并在国内外获得了一系列文学奖项:冯牧文学奖(2011), 法国儒尔•巴泰庸外国文学奖(2011), 鼎钧双年文学奖(2003), 法兰西文学与艺术骑士勋章(2004), 华语文学传媒大奖•年度杰出成就奖(2004),诺尼诺国际文学奖(2005), 福冈亚洲文化奖(2006), 茅盾文学奖(2011), 诺贝尔文学奖(2012)。从1988年起,莫言的作品被广泛地翻译成英语、法语、西班牙语、德语、瑞典语、俄语、日语等多种语言。



Le lauréat du prix Nobel de littérature 2012 a été annoncé comme l'écrivain chinois Mo Yan à l'Académie suédoise à Stockholm le 11 octobre 2012. Il est le premier auteur qui ait jamais réalisé cet exploit et tout le peuple nationaux et étrangers Chinois sont fiers de lui pour sa réussite remarquable.

Mo Yan a publié plus de 80 histoires courtes, 30 nouvelles, 11 romans, et a remporté une série de prix ainsi que les honneurs: Kiriyama prix (Livres notables, 2005), Fukuoka Asian Culture Prix XVII (2006), homme de lettres Asie Prix ​​(prête-nom, 2007), Newman Prix de littérature chinoise (2009), membre honoraire (par Modern Language Association, 2010), Mao Dun Prix de littérature (2011). Depuis 1988, ses œuvres ont été traduites en anglais, français, espagnol, allemand, suédois, russe, japonais, etc.

Cliquez ici pour télécharger des livre électricité de Mo Yan (.epub et .mobi)
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How to display an animated GIF picture on your Facebook

As Facebook keeps working to disable these methods of displaying animated GIF pictures, I can't guarantee all the methods here will be always solid.

This post is last updated on 08/29/2013, and the Method 4 is proved solid until that time!

One of the biggest fun of surfing on social network is those funny GIF pictures. But many people find that it seems impossible to display an animated GIF picture on your Facebook Page.

Yes, Facebook has blocked the GIF pictures on the site, even if you upload an animated GIF on Facebook, it will only show you a still image. As the most popular website on the planet, I fully understand such a decision because billions of animated GIF pictures will lead to a collapse of the entire site.

So there is no way to enjoy an animated GIF on Facebook?
Absolutely BIG NO!

Method 1.

In fact, Facebook doesn't 100% blocks the animated GIFs, but it only shows those pictures with the size under 50 kb or less. You can see the animations in your profile's album, but the icon is still flattered.
Then go to your album click on this picture, then share it on your wall, guess what, you will see an animated GIF images on your wall!

Method 2.

Do some magics to make a Youtube video looks like an animated GIF. There are many online services websites offer you this feature, I always use this one:
The operation is very simple, choose a Youtube video, set the clip range, then you can share it to your Facebook wall.

Method 3.

Use some third-party apps on Facebook. There are tons of apps on Facebook to enhance your page's ability, certainly including an app to enable you to post animated GIF images to your Facebook timeline.
Animated Picture is the one you need.

Very simple app, and 100% free to use.

Method 4.

Well, I posted this guide about one year ago (Oct. 2012) and in these 11 months I've got many complaints even rude words because the methods are not working, Facebook fixed those "bugs".

But! No one can stop people from enjoying funny animated GIF pictures!

Days ago announced that they are now supporting displaying animated GIFs on Facebook! I've tested it and you guys can check the result by clicking this FB post link.

However, we still cannot directly upload our DIY animated GIF to Facebook. By this method we can only choose the animated GIF from the Giphy's library.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Txtr Beagle: An eReader cheaper than eBook

If you think that the $69 Kindle is the cheapest eReader in the planet, then you are wrong. A German company just released an eReader called "Texr Beagle", and the price is incredible $13!

The reason why Txtr Beagle sells with such a low price is that this is truly a "light" gadget, both in weight and specs. There is no WiFi, no 3G, even no built-in battery. It has got a 5-inch e-ink screen with 800 x 600 resolution and certainly without glow light. How will the reading experience satisfy us with the low level configuration is still a mystery.  By the way, Txtr Beagle can only store 5 books.

Also because of the light configuration, the thickness of the body is only 4.8mm, the weight is 128g (including battery). It can stand by for ONE YEAR with only two AAA batteries, which is 6 times long than Kindle's standby time.

I believe you will ask that how can we transfer books into a device without WiFi and 3G connection? The answer is on your hand, the cellphone, bluetooth, and mobile app. You can install an app called "Txtr eBooks" in IOS and Android app stores, you can purchase eBooks with this app on your cellphone or tablet, then transfer them into your Txtr Beagle with bluetooth. You can also directly read Txtr books with the app on your devices. is an online eBook store just like Amazon, it offers 400,000 kinds of digital editions while Amazon offers over 900,000 kinds. In the aspect of book price, most of popular books are sold with the same price both in Txtr and Amazon, but for some less favored books, Txtr is a bit expensive than Amazon. All in all, as the largest and most successful eBook store in the world, Amazon is hard to beat.  

However, in my private point of view, I love this eReader, it is just an eReader. The tiny size and light weight make it easy to carry, the super long standby time allows me to read the book anytime I want. Even the non-built-in battery is close to my heart, I would rather buy two AAA batteries than always worry about I can't find a place to charge my device. In regard to the storage, I can only say it suits me well, I am the kind of people that only read one book in a period, so 5 books are enough for me to carry out even for a trip.

The only flaw is the transfer method, but for a $13 eReader device, we can't ask it to offer more.

(Demo video for Txtr Beagle)

Sony Reader PRS-T2 review

An e-reader, as you may be aware is a device that is used to read an e-book or an electronic book. This portable device is also called an e-book reader or an e-book device and is easy to carry around and access millions of books from wherever you are. Though all tablets can be used as e-readers, most people prefer to have an e-reader exclusively for the purpose of reading. Books can be downloaded onto an e-reader from any e-store that stocks millions of titles, most of which are available free of charge. Of late, there are several apps that serve as e-readers that can be accessed by PCs and hand-held devices.

There are several brands of e-readers jostling for space in a market that is growing by the day. One such manufacturer is Sony who have come out with an e-reader christened PRS-T2. A rather late entrant, Sony hopes to grab a share of the lucrative market. This touchscreen E Ink device is pretty light and easy to carry with a battery life that can go on for months on a single charge. This makes it ideal for people who are constantly on the move. There are options to flip the pages as you read by using the buttons. There are also buttons for Home, Back and Menu that have the respective icons on them.

Turning the pages can be done by pushing the relevant button or simply by manually turning on the touchscreen for which, of course you would have to firmly hold the e-reader in one hand to be able to swipe to turn the page. The screen is readable indoors and outdoors and can adjust itself to the light conditions. It is not glaring to the eyes during night reading and is equally readable in bright sunlight. It is pretty quick in obeying commands and is not sluggish when turning the pages. It is not a power guzzler and consumes a surprisingly low amount of power and the battery can last for up to 2 months on a single charge and if used on Wi-Fi it lasts about a month and a half.

There are several fonts available and you are liberty to choose the one that catches your fancy. There are 8 sizes of fonts available from the tiniest (not quite readable) to the largest (which can actually hurt your eyes if watched for more than a minute) Getting back to what you were reading after a break is quite easy as the bookmark shows on the screen apart from a brief history of the last 4 things that were done by you. There is a kind of repository that gives access to “bookshelves” from where you can pull up your favorite periodicals and books.

You get access to the Reader Store of Sony from where you can read books and if your wish to buy, you could do so as well. A manuscript App lets you jot down small notes that you think you will need to refer back on. You also have access to a Mac application, a Microsoft Windows application and an Android application, however as there is no iOS app, you cannot sync the Sony Reader with your iPhone. The Store app though is very comprehensive and helps you locate books that you can buy. You just need to have Wi-Fi access to be able to shop to your heart’s content.

Andrea Walters, a freelance writer for MyTechHelp – a leader in providing support across various products brands and tech devices for individuals and small businesses in need of instant tech help.getting tech support

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Free giveaway for the Percy Jackson: Mark of Athena

Months ago we used to roll out a free giveaway for the trilogy of 50 Shades of Grey.

As it was the first time we hold a free giveaway campaign, we stated that we can only send the books to first 3 people who leave a comment, but finally we give out nearly 10...

And this time, we decide to give out the book Percy Jackson: Mark of Athena for free for the first 5 people who like&share this post and leave a comment! Only 5 people!

And notice:
We purchased the book to send it to you, so please don't make a copy and transfer to others, and you are absolutely not allowed to spread it in public. Or you should undertake all the potential legal risk.

So, what the he*l are you waiting for? Click the buttons below and leave a comment in this post, then you can get it for free!!

Guys you are so enthusiastic that the 5 books are all sent out!
The 5 lucky dogs are:
Samuel Anagbo
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You are late and didn't get the gift?
Relax, we've decided to send 5 more to our Google + followers!
As long as you add our Google + Page in your circle, then share our post with your comment. We will contact you and send the book to you.
Seize the change you guys!

Get the book on our Google Plus page:

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Another choice to download free EPUB eBooks

I submitted a post titled "lendle helps to get Kindle eBooks for free" on reddit a couple of days ago and a warm-hearted reader, silentmage, suggested a site called "tuebl" to me for free EPUB download. As I haven't used it before, I was dying of curiosity to check it out, which turned out to be an awesome place to download free EPUB eBooks. Here I wrote this brief guide and I do hope it would be instrumental for people who haven't used it yet.

Among heaps of sites delivering free EPUB books, tuebl comes with its own characteristics though it's not striking as such. Unlike most well-known sites, such as Free eBooks, you don't have to create a proprietary account on tuebl, which makes it a light-hearted site. Nor there is any restriction to free users, say, ** books per month (for free users), since everyone does not even sign in. Actually, there are sites claiming to offer free eBooks/bestsellers but to redirect people to other stores while people can get real books rather than disgusting applications or viruses on tuebl. I have tried to download Steve Jobs here, and it did a nice job. In all probability, you will get one to your taste from thousands of titles provided.

Type in on your browser and go to tuebl.

Featured books

free epub download-tuebl featured

Browse books

free epub download-tuebl browse


free epub download-tuebl filter

Newest & Most downloaded titles

free epub download-tuebl newest and most
free epub download-tuebl downloaded most

free epub download-tuebl newest

Click the cover of one book to find the Download Epub icon.

free epub download-tuebl download

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Is eReader necessary for reading eBooks?

There seems to be diversified ways to read eBooks. We can read on PCs, tablets, smartphones as well as dedicated reading devices. Among the mentioned options, proprietary eReaders are evidently the best picks for eReading. However, according to financial reports of primary eReader companies, E ink readers have not clearly shown satisfying performances this year. Don't we read eBooks much or isn't eReader necessary for reading eBooks?

For the first question, the answer should be no. As part of eLife, people of different ages do read eBooks quite a lot for various reasons: enriching leisure life, broadening knowledge, educating, etc. Some people prefer to read for a while when they find it difficult to fall asleep at night. In the meantime, a remarkable portion of college students have turned to eBooks due to their attractive price plus a reason to gain an additional mobile device.

As to whether or not eReader is a must for reading eBooks, the answer hinges on specific situation. Most people need a device supporting reading eBooks, checking emails, browsing the internet, watching videos, playing games and so forth instead of a gadget exclusively for reading. Thus people seldom spend extra money on single-function eReaders although E ink screen does a power of good to people's eyes. A heap of college students need to read eTextbooks, nevertheless, they would invest on all-in-one tablets or laptops other than plain eReaders. 

In addition, there are a number of people who read eBooks considerably and are not so familiar with mobile applications, and then eReaders are the best choice for them. According to an investigation from BWM Books, old people constitute the majority of eReader consumers. Furthermore, mothers who tend to restrict their children to excessive internet would consider purchasing eReaders rather than versatile tablets. That partly forms the true picture of eReader market. 

For reading itself, E-ink reader is unquestionably an excellent creation aiming at unparalleled reading experience. A solution for the combination of eReading and mobile applications probably comes to color E ink screen, which is automatically converted to E ink display when reading. A case of color E ink was reported as Ectaco according to Consumer Reports this spring. However, the 9.7-inch Ectaco is exclusively used in Russian schools at the moment. One of the reasons why color E-ink has not yet been launched in more markets, such as in the U S, might fall to its cost. Well, I keep that young people will not mind spending more on gadgets with remarkable merits.