Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Is eReader necessary for reading eBooks?

There seems to be diversified ways to read eBooks. We can read on PCs, tablets, smartphones as well as dedicated reading devices. Among the mentioned options, proprietary eReaders are evidently the best picks for eReading. However, according to financial reports of primary eReader companies, E ink readers have not clearly shown satisfying performances this year. Don't we read eBooks much or isn't eReader necessary for reading eBooks?

For the first question, the answer should be no. As part of eLife, people of different ages do read eBooks quite a lot for various reasons: enriching leisure life, broadening knowledge, educating, etc. Some people prefer to read for a while when they find it difficult to fall asleep at night. In the meantime, a remarkable portion of college students have turned to eBooks due to their attractive price plus a reason to gain an additional mobile device.

As to whether or not eReader is a must for reading eBooks, the answer hinges on specific situation. Most people need a device supporting reading eBooks, checking emails, browsing the internet, watching videos, playing games and so forth instead of a gadget exclusively for reading. Thus people seldom spend extra money on single-function eReaders although E ink screen does a power of good to people's eyes. A heap of college students need to read eTextbooks, nevertheless, they would invest on all-in-one tablets or laptops other than plain eReaders. 

In addition, there are a number of people who read eBooks considerably and are not so familiar with mobile applications, and then eReaders are the best choice for them. According to an investigation from BWM Books, old people constitute the majority of eReader consumers. Furthermore, mothers who tend to restrict their children to excessive internet would consider purchasing eReaders rather than versatile tablets. That partly forms the true picture of eReader market. 

For reading itself, E-ink reader is unquestionably an excellent creation aiming at unparalleled reading experience. A solution for the combination of eReading and mobile applications probably comes to color E ink screen, which is automatically converted to E ink display when reading. A case of color E ink was reported as Ectaco according to Consumer Reports this spring. However, the 9.7-inch Ectaco is exclusively used in Russian schools at the moment. One of the reasons why color E-ink has not yet been launched in more markets, such as in the U S, might fall to its cost. Well, I keep that young people will not mind spending more on gadgets with remarkable merits.