Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sony Reader PRS-T2 review

An e-reader, as you may be aware is a device that is used to read an e-book or an electronic book. This portable device is also called an e-book reader or an e-book device and is easy to carry around and access millions of books from wherever you are. Though all tablets can be used as e-readers, most people prefer to have an e-reader exclusively for the purpose of reading. Books can be downloaded onto an e-reader from any e-store that stocks millions of titles, most of which are available free of charge. Of late, there are several apps that serve as e-readers that can be accessed by PCs and hand-held devices.

There are several brands of e-readers jostling for space in a market that is growing by the day. One such manufacturer is Sony who have come out with an e-reader christened PRS-T2. A rather late entrant, Sony hopes to grab a share of the lucrative market. This touchscreen E Ink device is pretty light and easy to carry with a battery life that can go on for months on a single charge. This makes it ideal for people who are constantly on the move. There are options to flip the pages as you read by using the buttons. There are also buttons for Home, Back and Menu that have the respective icons on them.

Turning the pages can be done by pushing the relevant button or simply by manually turning on the touchscreen for which, of course you would have to firmly hold the e-reader in one hand to be able to swipe to turn the page. The screen is readable indoors and outdoors and can adjust itself to the light conditions. It is not glaring to the eyes during night reading and is equally readable in bright sunlight. It is pretty quick in obeying commands and is not sluggish when turning the pages. It is not a power guzzler and consumes a surprisingly low amount of power and the battery can last for up to 2 months on a single charge and if used on Wi-Fi it lasts about a month and a half.

There are several fonts available and you are liberty to choose the one that catches your fancy. There are 8 sizes of fonts available from the tiniest (not quite readable) to the largest (which can actually hurt your eyes if watched for more than a minute) Getting back to what you were reading after a break is quite easy as the bookmark shows on the screen apart from a brief history of the last 4 things that were done by you. There is a kind of repository that gives access to “bookshelves” from where you can pull up your favorite periodicals and books.

You get access to the Reader Store of Sony from where you can read books and if your wish to buy, you could do so as well. A manuscript App lets you jot down small notes that you think you will need to refer back on. You also have access to a Mac application, a Microsoft Windows application and an Android application, however as there is no iOS app, you cannot sync the Sony Reader with your iPhone. The Store app though is very comprehensive and helps you locate books that you can buy. You just need to have Wi-Fi access to be able to shop to your heart’s content.

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