Sunday, October 14, 2012

How to display an animated GIF picture on your Facebook

As Facebook keeps working to disable these methods of displaying animated GIF pictures, I can't guarantee all the methods here will be always solid.

This post is last updated on 08/29/2013, and the Method 4 is proved solid until that time!

One of the biggest fun of surfing on social network is those funny GIF pictures. But many people find that it seems impossible to display an animated GIF picture on your Facebook Page.

Yes, Facebook has blocked the GIF pictures on the site, even if you upload an animated GIF on Facebook, it will only show you a still image. As the most popular website on the planet, I fully understand such a decision because billions of animated GIF pictures will lead to a collapse of the entire site.

So there is no way to enjoy an animated GIF on Facebook?
Absolutely BIG NO!

Method 1.

In fact, Facebook doesn't 100% blocks the animated GIFs, but it only shows those pictures with the size under 50 kb or less. You can see the animations in your profile's album, but the icon is still flattered.
Then go to your album click on this picture, then share it on your wall, guess what, you will see an animated GIF images on your wall!

Method 2.

Do some magics to make a Youtube video looks like an animated GIF. There are many online services websites offer you this feature, I always use this one:
The operation is very simple, choose a Youtube video, set the clip range, then you can share it to your Facebook wall.

Method 3.

Use some third-party apps on Facebook. There are tons of apps on Facebook to enhance your page's ability, certainly including an app to enable you to post animated GIF images to your Facebook timeline.
Animated Picture is the one you need.

Very simple app, and 100% free to use.

Method 4.

Well, I posted this guide about one year ago (Oct. 2012) and in these 11 months I've got many complaints even rude words because the methods are not working, Facebook fixed those "bugs".

But! No one can stop people from enjoying funny animated GIF pictures!

Days ago announced that they are now supporting displaying animated GIFs on Facebook! I've tested it and you guys can check the result by clicking this FB post link.

However, we still cannot directly upload our DIY animated GIF to Facebook. By this method we can only choose the animated GIF from the Giphy's library.