Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Will iPad Mini be your pick?

iPad Mini has been on everyone’s lips even before its actual coming to the world. With its appearance this Tuesday, people who intend to buy a tablet have gained another choice. But will the Mini iPad be your pick?

Apple finally released its small-version tablet, no doubt, aiming at getting a piece of action from the booming 7” tablet market. Among so many 7” tablet opponents, iPad Mini stands out with its iOS platform, rather than the $329 price. For people who are eager to experience apple’s amazing ecosystem, iPad Mini might not be a bad pick, if they do not remarkably care the extra 130 bucks. I personally keep that 7.9” is an advisable size, which is neither too small to fit nor too large to carry, while my colleague geeks hold that the Mini size is exactly a failure compared to the classical iPad. Take Nexus 7 and similar Kindle & Nook HD titles into account, you will find your answer.

However, most people would rather spend around $200 on a tablet just for fun as we do not count too much on such a gadget. Tablet is after all a tablet, which can never take the place of computer in the short run. If you are looking for a high performance-to-price-ratio tablet, Nexus 7 has unquestionably turned out to be the best option exclusively from the angle of its quad-core processor.

Apple patrons, however, have suffered from a loss more or less. Hardly will they keep proud of their iPod Touch as well as the newly purchased iPad 3 as before. What did apple think to make such a decision by sacrificing its fans’ profit?

On the whole, if the 329-dollar price is not a problem and you are still interested in apple’s charm, take the Mini. It won’t be amazing but excellent at least as far as its configuration is concerned.