Saturday, June 30, 2012

Word 2013 is going to allow you edit a PDF file just as edit text!

In the new version of Office suit, you will be able to edit a PDF directly in the Word 2013 just like editing a DOC file! You will not need Acrobat or any other expensive, so called "professional PDF Editor" any more. 

And because of the limitation of file structure, when edit a PDF with lots of images, the layout may mass up; if edit a text PDF, there won't be any problem.

In fact, Word 2013 will convert PDF to DOC first, then you can edit the DOC and export as PDF again.

Someone says that the Office 2013 beta version is finished, will launch next week or a bit later.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Saving Private Kindle Fire! New version KF is on the way!

Normandy landings

November 15, 2011, Kindle Fire released.
December, 2012, 4 million Kindle Fire sold out in one month.

Looks like the Kindle Fire had been landed on Normandy, and was going to challenge iPad even get the tablet market.  

Blocked by enemy

Turned to 2012, everyone thinks Kindle Fire will continue the miracle, their screen supplier Prime View International even increased the storage to keep up with (the predicted) Kindle Fire's amazing sales in 2012  Q1. 

But the truth is: in 2012 Q1, total worldwide media tablet shipments for the quarter reached 17.4 million. But Kindle Fire only contributed 0.75 million, 4% of the entire market. 

I didn't fake the truth, all the data is quoted from IDC, you can read the full post there.

Getting surrounded 

From July 2012, millions of Nexus 7 will ship to the whole world.  If you have no idea how dangerous the Nexus is to Kindle Fire, please refer to my another post

In the front is iPad, and Nexus is standing just behind. And there are plenty pursuers, Nook Tablet, Dell Streak, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Moto Xoom, etc.

Things are getting worse, what is Kindle Fire gonna do?

Saving Private Kindle Fire!

However, Kindle Fire won't wait for certain detection. According to BGR's news,  last year Amazon was going to release two tablet at the same time.  The dual-core 7 inch version is called "Coyote", while a quad-core 10 inch version is called "Hollywood". 

Now it looks like the "Coyote" is "Kindle Fire", so the "Hollywood" must be the "Kindle Fire 2". 

All the market are 100% sure there will be the "Kindle Fire 2", but Amazon will also release the "New Kindle Fire", which remains 7 inch screen, but much more powerful and beautiful than the "Kindle Fire". It will covered by metal, with a thinner body, looks like iPad 1.

There is no details about allocation and the price about the 2 new Amazon tablets, but with a $199 Nexus 7 and a probable 7.85 inch iPad mini, I believe Amazon won't get down without a fight, they will absolutely give us a surprise!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kindle DRM Removal upgrades to V 2.4.5

This is the SlideShare guide for the latest version of Kindle DRM Removal.

For the version 2.4.5, we have some bugs fixed to make this software more stable.

For the features, you can have a clear knowledge from the SlideShare PPT.

For those guys who have Kindle eBooks and want them to be unDRM

Internal conflict in Android camp? Google kills Kindle Fire via Nexus 7

Google has released his own tablet, Nexus 7, in the I/O 2012. When we mention an Android tablet, most of us will have Kindle Fire in our minds. So, let's make a comparison between these 2 Android tablets.

I think this comparison is gravely outnumbered, all the data is not on the same stage, but with the same price. I can not figure out who will go to purchasing a Kindle Fire from now on.

However, the release of Nexus 7 is good to us, we can have more choice when we want to have a tablet. 

The iPad Killer? No, it kills Kindle Fire

Before the I/O 2012, all the world are agitating Google Tablet vs. iPad, but the truth is, Google doesn't kill iPad, but his "brother", Kindle Fire.

Besides the effect on Kindle Fire, the Nexus also will effect on Kindle Fire 2. There is no doubt that the Nexus 7 is the standard for Android $200 tablet.

The future seems bright

Refer to the date collected by IDC, in 2012 Q1, iPad's share rose to 68% from 57% in 2011 Q4, which means the other tablets are undesirable. At the same time, Gartner said the iPad's share will fall to 46% in 2016, MicroSoft's Surface will take 12%.

Have you noticed that? The iPad and Surface are 10 inch tablet, so who will lead the 7 inch tablet market?  All of you must have had the answer.

Monday, June 25, 2012

How to deal with EPUB and PDF and Mobi books reading problems

One:How to read EPUB on Kindle Fire?
We all know Kindle Fire supports Mobi and azw, you can't read EPUB on Kindle Fire directly , so if you want to transfer EPUB to Kindle , you should convert EPUB to Mobi first, then you need a EPUB to Mobi Converter.
The best ebooks Converter enables you convert EPUB, PDF and Mobi in a floder.

Two:How to transfer Mobi to iPad?
iPad has it's own default ebook format--EPUB, and ibooks works well on EPUB, transfer Mobi to iPad, just convert Mobi to EPUB, then sync your EPUB books with itunes to your iPad.then you need a Mobi to EPUB Converter(iPad reads PDF, so a Mobi to PDF Converter is also okay).
Three:How to convert PDF to Mobi?
Even Kindle Fire can read PDF, but sometimes we need more perfect reading effects, so convert PDF to Mobi is the key step,there you need a PDF to Mobi Converter.

Four:How to read Kindle books on iPad, Sony readers, Nook readers?
Usually iPads, sony readers,Nook readers all can read EPUB books except for Kindle devices, all these readers can't read Mobi or azw books becides Kindle if we want to read Kindle books on iPad, sony readers or Nook readers, we should convert Kindle books to EPUB format, then we can transfer EPUB books to any EPUB readers as you like,now we must have a Mobi to EPUB Converter.

Five:Can you convert EPUB, PDF, Mobi with one ebooks Converter?
what if somebody has all these issues above, does he need to purchase four tools? EPUB to Mobi Converter?Mobi to EPUB Converter? PDF to Mobi Converter? Mobi to PDF Converter?
if people like to convert PDF to EPUB, or convert EPUB to PDF,does he need another EPUB to PDF Converter or a PDF to EPUB Converter?
I would have said "yes" the day before yestoday, but now I can told him:"you don't need to purchase all the 6 tools, just one, an all in one ebooks Converter can resolve all the problems you have,it's really excited."

An all in one ebooks Converter is the best ebooks Converter lauched by ePubor,helps you convert EPUB, PDF, Mobi in a folder , you can choose one or more input formats between EPUB ,PDF , Mobi , then choose one output format, just minutes you can get books you like. It's really worth trying.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A huge free eBooks mine you may have ignored.

Recent years when I visit the Yahoo Answer, I can see plenty people ask, where can I get free Kindle/ePub books for free?

Well, they all have missed a website called Google, once they search the word free eBooks they can get thousands of results.

OK, some may say that many sites are "fake free", all the free books are public domain classics, they have read it all, what they want is fresh free ebooks.

Except google, you can get free books very easy. There is a huge free eBooks mine beside you, but maybe you don't know.

2 days ago, PewInternet has shared some interesting findings, here I pick some pieces important. And they will tell you where the ebook gold mine is.

  • 12% of readers of e-books borrowed an e-book from the library in the past year. But a majority of Americans do not know that this service is provided by their local library.
  • 58% of all library card holders say they do not know if their library provides e-book lending services.
  • 53% of all tablet computer owners say they do not know if their library lends e-books.
  • 48% of all owners of e-book reading devices such as original Kindles and NOOKs say they do not know if their library lends e-books.
  • 46% of those who do not currently borrow e-books from libraries say they would be “very” or “somewhat” likely to borrow an e-reading device that came loaded with a book they wanted to read.

Get it? The free eBooks gold mine is the public library of your town and your school. And there is an app called OverDrive which aims at helping your borrow ebooks from public library.

Of course, I don't think all the public library will hold the most fresh and hot eBooks, but if you have no eager in those hot and fresh eBooks, I believe the free eBooks in your public library can meet your all kinds of demands.

On our official site, we've compiled you a review for near 20 great free eBooks sites. And we also have a Facebook page which offer you the free Kindle eBooks everyday, if you are a Kindle owner, you can "Like us" then get the free Kindle eBooks everyday.

To read the full version of the PewInternet research, click here.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Can Microsoft Tablet Surface challenge iPad?

Yesterday Microsoft has released their own tablets, Surface. Many famous tech blogs had reported it in detail, like Engadget, and the Verge, so I think I'd better not to display my slight skill before an expert.

But, like my post after Apple WWDC 2012, I can always keep pace within the hot event in another angle, which can show my blog's speciality. :)

So, in this post I will discuss with you whether the Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet Surface can challenge iPad? (Notice: I didn't say BEAT, but CHALLENGE)

Let's get into the point with a video, which is recorded by Sean Ludwig from VeatureBeat, let's watch it first.

Ludwig's father said that he won't buy Windows 8, he dislikes the "Start Screen" of Windows 8. The reason why he uses a PC is to obtain information, although Ludwig told his father that the notes on Windows 8 can be always updating to make his father get the information in time. But his father said, "I need information, but I don want to put all my daily life on the desktop."

Ludwig's father thought that Windows 8 will be more suitable for adults in 25, because people in this age like the freshness, but Windows 8 is too fresh for him, he doesn't want to learn to operate a system one more time. 

I won't hold a part as the whole, let's watch another video, which is posted by benisstrange11 from YouTube.

Although benisstrange11's father gave Windows 8 a "Great" word, but when he was asked if he will upgrade his PC to Windows 8, he also gave it a loud "NO".

I found that it is a little difficult for him to find the way back from desktop to "Start", he had tried many methods, including drag the icons on task panel, move the mouse. After he found the method, all the operation behind are smooth, but I wonder if everyone who is first time to operate on Windows 8 will have this experience? 

And there is a third video, if you have interest, you can click and watch it.

As we know, the Microsoft's new tablet Surface runs Windows 8, from the videos above we can know that Windows 8 is a little abstract for a people who is the first time to operate it. 
But for iPad, even my 4-year-old niece can use it smoothly, and I know many aged people they are reading eBooks and surf the internet on iPad without and setbacks.

But we still cannot look down on Windows 8 tablet, I thinks if we use it to work, they are more powerful than iPad, because we can transfer from our PC to our Windows 8 tablets perfectly, this kind of vertical integration attracts me very much.

However, I'd love to have more options about tablets, not just iPad. Come on Windows 8 Tablet, don't let us down. 

Related News:
Microsoft tablet promising, but risks remain - Reuters
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Amazon is the best choice for indie author? Maybe not.

The data is collected by the author of "This Book Is About Travel"

A post on an indie author's blog had attracted millions of visitors and was reported by Hacker News, The Verge, etc on June, 11.

I think most of you have read this post, the author said that Amazon's 70% royalty rate for author is fake, actually, Amazon charge author for nearly 50% of their selling.

For detailed reasons you can click into author's blog if you have not read that post yet, but I write this post is to tell you something newly update.

After the author optimize his book's size (from 18MB to 2MB), his  income for each sale has raised from $5.1 to $6.42, and for most of Kindle .mobi books, the size are always just hundreds of KB, so they can get more income for each sale because of the less delivery fee.

And the issue is, no matter how large the eBook file is, why should the author pay the delivery fee? Amazon charges 30% of the author's sales, why they charge again for a delivery fee while the goods is just an eBook?
Now the author calls his reader to buy his book directly from his site, and it is DRM free, and it works great.

The sales data before his 1st post about Kindle's delivery fee

The sales data after his 1st post about Kindle's delivery fee

From the 2 images above we can see that now the principal way for selling his book is directly from his webpage, which the author can have nearly all the $9.99 in his pocket, and the Kindle's share has vanished from 73% to 18%.

And I am a little surprised that iBooks can take a share for more than 10%. 

So what's your opinion about Kindle's delivery fee?  Will you purchase an indie author's books via Amazon or directly from him/her?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Short period sale for Kindle Fire, Nook Simple Touch & Nook Color

B&N's Father's Day Promotion

Amazon Kindle Fire: It already is the cheapest Android Tablet on the market which cost $199 for its hardware level, now there is an offer in the Amazon local slashes for $30 off, which means you can get it for $169.
The sale will last to tomorrow(15th, June), so if you have a plan for purchasing a Kindle Fire, go to an Amazon local store, take a discount voucher, then enjoy the discount.

Nook Simple Touch & Nook Color: Barnes & Noble is running a Father's Day  promotion, you can have $20 off for any of the devices above, which means you can get a Nook Simple Touch for $79, and a Nook Color for $149.
The sale will last to 17th June, you can enjoy the discount in both B&N local store or online store.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Those important products which released in WWDC after Jobs back to Apple

The Worldwide Developvers Conference, WWDC, is just finished. Maybe this is the most beautiful WWDC in past years, we can see highlights in both Hardware and Software. And this is the 30th WWDC since the first one in 1983. Maybe the only pity is that we didn't see the iPhone 5, but be sane, we all know it's impossible to get iPhone in this WWDC, aren't we?

Apple has experienced so many setbacks in the past 30 years, and the turning point in Jobs' back.
So let's look back to those important products which released in WWDC since Jobs back to Apple in 1997.

1998, Mac OS X is first mentioned by Jobs

WWDC in 1998 is Jobs' first show since he back to Apple, he had been being absent for 13 years. And since this year, WWDC is beginning with Keynote, which aims at releasing Apple's new product. Jobs' keynote is called "Stevenotes" for his distinct personality. 

WWDC in 1998 just introduced a Mac OS system called "Carbon", (in fact, it's not a system, it's just for making it more convenient to let developers to transport apps from old Mac OS to new OS X.) Jobs spent half of the time to introduce this system's new features to persuit app developers come back to Apple.

  • 1999, released a new system called "Darvin" (OS 8.6), replaced QuickDraw 3D with OpenGL. And he demostrated Mac OS X Developer Preview Version, which nearly has no difference with the official version which released 2 years later.
  • 2000, released Mac OS X Developer Preview Version 4.

2001, Mac OS X Server

WWDC in 2001 is not the official release event for Mac OS X V10.0 (Cheetah), but Apple released Mac OS X Server in WWDC 2001.

Mac OS X has updated to 10.8, and it is named by big cats since 2001, they are Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion.

  • 2002, released OS X 10.2 (Jaguar), Jobs ran a virtual funeral for Mac OS 9, then the entire Mac product line began to use OS X system.
  • 2003, released iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, previewed OS X 10.3 (Panther). Released Mac G5.
  • 2004, released OS X 10.4 (Tiger), 23' and 30' Cinema HD monitor, iTunes 4.9 (packed Podcast).

2005, Welcome to Intel

Josb claimed that Apple abandoned PowerPC and began to use Intel's X86 in WWDC 2005, which shocked all of the developers.
Apple supports Intel X86, which has made it possible to install Windows system on Mac.

2006, Released OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

The most important event in WWDC 2006 is to preview the sixth version for Mac OS X, which has added more than 300 new features: supporting 64 bit CPU, Time Machine, Boot Camp, Photo Booth, Space, Spotlight, Mail, Dashboard, iChat, etc.
And Apple released Mac Pro to replace Power Mac G5. Mac Pro had got two 2.66 GHz Intel Xeon dual-core CPU, 1GB RAM, 250 GB harddisk.

  • 2007, Apple claimed Safari supports third party app, which foreshadowed App Store in the second year (and Apple said they have no plan for iPhone SDK to cover App Store). In general, WWDC 2007 is a bit flat, (Mac World 2007 released iPhone, grabbing the entire world's eyes), and Apple pushed OS X Leopard's releasing time a little later, and released Safari for Windows.

2008, released App Store

WWDC 2008's App Store had changed many developer's life, and Apple also released iPhone 3G, iOS 2.0, Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard); and remodel ".Mac" to "MobileMe", this is the first step of Apple Cloud Platform, it connected phone, Mac, PC.

The after coming 3 years we are very familiar with:
  • 2009, released iOS 3.0, 13' MacBook Pro, update 15', 17' MBP product line. As Jobs was in hospital at that time, SVP Phil Schiller hosted Keynote in WWDC 2009.
  • 2010, released iPhone 4, changed iPhone OS to iOS, released iMovie and Facetime for iOS.
  • 2011, released Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and iOS 5.0, and iCloud.

WWDC 2012

There are too many famous blogs have wrote articles about yesterday's event, I think there is no need for me to write a review again. (Indeed I don't think I can write a more wonderful review than Engadget, The Verge, etc.)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Kindle Fire App Store to Europe? Maybe this summer...

Amazon's Kindle Fire has passed a splendid year, which has made a sales record in last Christmas, and its App Store also performs much better than Google App Market Google Play.

But shame is we can't enjoy the Amazon App Store out of USA, unless we crack our Kindle Fire, but according to the news from AllThingsD, the Amazon App Store will come to international this summer.

As we know, Kindle Fire's sales drops hugely in 2012 because of the cheaper iPad 2, and there are many rumors about a smaller, maybe 7 inch iPad mini, I believe that will kill Kindle Fire directly if Amazon doesn't strike back.

I think open Amazon App Store to outside of USA is the first step, then will turn to the Kindle Fire. 
And, these steps are just foreshadowing for the true market breaker. the Kindle Fire 2

Friday, June 8, 2012

Discussion: Is it legal to make backup copies of my purchased eBooks?

When I check my emails today, I found an interesting mail from, the topic is: Is it legal to make backup copies of my purchased DVDs and Blu-rays?

Here I offer you some interesting opinions:

#1. Here's the scenario, you purchase a DVD or Blu-ray disc, and you'd like to back it up. Just in case something happens to it, you'll still have your backed-up copy to use. So is it legal to do? Some people tell you it's OK as long as it's for personal use and you are not distributing it. Some people say it's illegal even if it is for personal use. So dang it, which is it?

#2. Fair Use Trademark law in the U.S. allows you to make a copy of the media that you bought for personal use. But under the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), if the media has copyright protection built in, the act of using any software to circumvent or crack that protection to make a backup copy is illegal.

#3. In short, it IS legal to make an "archival" copy of any DVD/CD content that you've legally purchased/acquired the rights to.

The terms of use of the subject content is what you must adhere to. 

Take a look at a Microsoft Office or Win 7 DVD. It states: "Do NOT lend or make "ILLEGAL" copies of this disc". It does NOT state that you cannot make a copy (a legal one~ as a rightful license owner)

The key, is that a user adhere to the user license for/to the software/content that he/she purchases the right(s) to, and protecting it from illegal distribution/use.

Make a copy, and keep (archive) it safely stored away, and not only are you insuring your continued rights to the content but making a prudent decision in protecting your right long-term.

#4. In a word, Yes; you can legally make a backup copy of the movie you purchased. As long as it is for personal use. As in, making a copy to use, for yourself, and storing the original disc away. As you mentioned with records. Where it becomes illegal is if you were to sell, or even give away, the copy of the movie.

There is software available and everyone has their favorite program and/or method. The best thing to do is do a search and see what's available, test some, and see what works for you. Most software has a 15 or 30 day trial available. I don't think CNET would like it if I gave you links to any copying software.

I think when we purchase eBooks, we have the same question. 
In my private point of view: if I purchased a paper book, when I finish reading it, I can lend it to my friends or family, this is normal and no problem.

Why it comes to be illegal when what I purchased is an eBook? 
I strip the DRM not for distributing to the public or piracy it to make me benefit. I just want to read the eBook on any device I want, for instance, I always purchased eBooks in Amazon, and I have a Kindle Touch, it read pretty comfortable at daytime, but when I want to read the books on my bed before I sleep, I have to light a lamp, but the light will make my brother hard to fall asleep. You can not imagine how deeply the desire is if I can read the Kindle books on my iPad which can let me read some pages before I fall asleep without disturb anyone!

So folks please join in the discussion. I love to hear your thoughts, but please keep the discussion civil. Thanks for your contributions and have a great weekend! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Best RSS apps on Android platform, Chapter 2

Yesterday I posted an article to introduce 3 RSS apps on Android, after I post it to Reddit, some guys there has given me some additional advises about other nice apps to read RSS which I've missed.

As I said in the last post, They are only the app I know, and I DO BELIEVE there are more gorgeous apps that I've never heard. 

However, thank you guys' nice advises. Here is the list which is offered by them.

#1. Reader HD

Reader HD's interface is very clear and simple, it is inspired by Gmail and Google Reader. Although the interface is simple, but the features are complete, they can meet nearly all your demands for a RSS Reader. Unread and read articles are synced to the reader by default(it can be changed), and the unread articles are marked with a small blue dot to the left of the title. When you click an article, the application slides to the towards the left of the screen, and the tab with titles and descriptions replaces the sources tab with the article chosen to the right of that. 

#2. gReader

I used to think this is the official RSS reader app for once (they have grabbed a nice name.) 
I love its visual interface, you will see it below, meanwhile it has a higher demand for your android device, if you are using an old device, you may feel a bit slow down when the feed is updating. As many other apps, you can also put some widgets on it. And there is a pro version, you can cut all to ads out, and get the podcast function and more themes.

Click to get the gReader, or scan the QR code above.

#3. DoggCatcher

In fact, this is a podcast player, and it is the probably best podcast player on Android. Unfortunately, it will cost you $7, but I think you won't regret if you purchase it.
You can stream or download the pod cast directly to your device’s SD card over the network or over WiFi.  And while Google Listen has great integration with Google Reader.
In addition to audio, the app also supports news and RSS feeds, making the app your one stop shop for all things news.  And as most Android applications have, DoggCatcher integrates a great widget for your desktop.

#4.Just Reader

What I love this app is its compatibility with both cell phones and tablets, and we can read RSS news off-line, if we've got a WIFI environment, update the feed with WIFI, then read them off-line, that will be much cheaper(in my town, I should pay for per byte of 3G network). The app maker has high-light this function in the settings, we can choose only to auto sync feeds when our Android device has connected to WIFI, and it supports multi-accounts, this is another apple in my eye, I have several gmail accounts for my private life and for my work, I've subscribe different RSS in different accounts, but with this app, I no longer need to read them by switching accounts or reader apps.

Install Just Reader for free.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The best 3 third-party RSS apps on Android Tablet

Reading online is the most favorite way for today's people since RSS's birth. Nearly every online-readers will subscribe at least 10 RSS feeds. 
And tablet is another balance-breaker, the laptop is no longer necessary when we go out, a tablet is more lighter, the battery run longer, and it's more suitable for reading.

Here we introduce you the best 3 third-party RSS apps on Android Tablet.

# 1. Flipboard

Flipboard is no longer the cherry only for IOS platform. And yes, it's still a beta app on Android. But I can one billion percent sure it is absolutely the best RSS reader app.Designed with the idea of replicating a flipping magazine to the greatest extent possible, Flipboard has been winning numerous design awards since its launch for iOS. But now, the Android beta version is just as smooth and easy to use as its iOS cousin, and it’s definitely worth a try. 

Get a trial!

#2. Pulse News

This is the first one news aggregation app on Android platform, it has a lot in common with BBC’s own news app as well, with the dynamic tiles spread over its window that keep reloading.

Try this founding member

#3. Zite 

This is also an IOS-to-Android app, it has collected a huge number of fans on IOS platform, now it has come to Android platform. But as most of Android app, the most difficult issue is the fragmentation, there are hundreds of different versions and UI on Android platform, and the screen size is much more variable than any other mobile platform. Nevertheless, Zite is still a considerably powerful magazine style RSS reader and is worth a shot, despite its flaws. 

Download Zite.

They are only the app I know, and I DO BELIEVE there are more gorgeous apps that I've never heard. So, this article is waiting for your complementary.
Thanks in advance.

I've received some comments on Reddit which give me additional RSS apps.
If you also have some apps to recommend, please leave a comment here.
I will organize your recommendations and post a Chapter 2 tomorrow.

Chapter 2 is here!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Our eBooks will look like this? A hyper-Skeuomorphic Design

What is Skeuomorphic?
The explanation from Wikipedia is "A skeuomorph, or skeuomorphism (Greek: skeuos—vessel or tool, morphe—shape), is a derivative object that retains ornamental design cues to a structure that was necessary in the original. Skeuomorphs may be deliberately employed to make the new look comfortably old and familiar, such as copper cladding on zinc pennies or computer printed postage with a circular town name and cancellation lines."