Monday, June 25, 2012

How to deal with EPUB and PDF and Mobi books reading problems

One:How to read EPUB on Kindle Fire?
We all know Kindle Fire supports Mobi and azw, you can't read EPUB on Kindle Fire directly , so if you want to transfer EPUB to Kindle , you should convert EPUB to Mobi first, then you need a EPUB to Mobi Converter.
The best ebooks Converter enables you convert EPUB, PDF and Mobi in a floder.

Two:How to transfer Mobi to iPad?
iPad has it's own default ebook format--EPUB, and ibooks works well on EPUB, transfer Mobi to iPad, just convert Mobi to EPUB, then sync your EPUB books with itunes to your iPad.then you need a Mobi to EPUB Converter(iPad reads PDF, so a Mobi to PDF Converter is also okay).
Three:How to convert PDF to Mobi?
Even Kindle Fire can read PDF, but sometimes we need more perfect reading effects, so convert PDF to Mobi is the key step,there you need a PDF to Mobi Converter.

Four:How to read Kindle books on iPad, Sony readers, Nook readers?
Usually iPads, sony readers,Nook readers all can read EPUB books except for Kindle devices, all these readers can't read Mobi or azw books becides Kindle if we want to read Kindle books on iPad, sony readers or Nook readers, we should convert Kindle books to EPUB format, then we can transfer EPUB books to any EPUB readers as you like,now we must have a Mobi to EPUB Converter.

Five:Can you convert EPUB, PDF, Mobi with one ebooks Converter?
what if somebody has all these issues above, does he need to purchase four tools? EPUB to Mobi Converter?Mobi to EPUB Converter? PDF to Mobi Converter? Mobi to PDF Converter?
if people like to convert PDF to EPUB, or convert EPUB to PDF,does he need another EPUB to PDF Converter or a PDF to EPUB Converter?
I would have said "yes" the day before yestoday, but now I can told him:"you don't need to purchase all the 6 tools, just one, an all in one ebooks Converter can resolve all the problems you have,it's really excited."

An all in one ebooks Converter is the best ebooks Converter lauched by ePubor,helps you convert EPUB, PDF, Mobi in a folder , you can choose one or more input formats between EPUB ,PDF , Mobi , then choose one output format, just minutes you can get books you like. It's really worth trying.