Monday, June 11, 2012

Kindle Fire App Store to Europe? Maybe this summer...

Amazon's Kindle Fire has passed a splendid year, which has made a sales record in last Christmas, and its App Store also performs much better than Google App Market Google Play.

But shame is we can't enjoy the Amazon App Store out of USA, unless we crack our Kindle Fire, but according to the news from AllThingsD, the Amazon App Store will come to international this summer.

As we know, Kindle Fire's sales drops hugely in 2012 because of the cheaper iPad 2, and there are many rumors about a smaller, maybe 7 inch iPad mini, I believe that will kill Kindle Fire directly if Amazon doesn't strike back.

I think open Amazon App Store to outside of USA is the first step, then will turn to the Kindle Fire. 
And, these steps are just foreshadowing for the true market breaker. the Kindle Fire 2