Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The best 3 third-party RSS apps on Android Tablet

Reading online is the most favorite way for today's people since RSS's birth. Nearly every online-readers will subscribe at least 10 RSS feeds. 
And tablet is another balance-breaker, the laptop is no longer necessary when we go out, a tablet is more lighter, the battery run longer, and it's more suitable for reading.

Here we introduce you the best 3 third-party RSS apps on Android Tablet.

# 1. Flipboard

Flipboard is no longer the cherry only for IOS platform. And yes, it's still a beta app on Android. But I can one billion percent sure it is absolutely the best RSS reader app.Designed with the idea of replicating a flipping magazine to the greatest extent possible, Flipboard has been winning numerous design awards since its launch for iOS. But now, the Android beta version is just as smooth and easy to use as its iOS cousin, and it’s definitely worth a try. 

Get a trial!

#2. Pulse News

This is the first one news aggregation app on Android platform, it has a lot in common with BBC’s own news app as well, with the dynamic tiles spread over its window that keep reloading.

Try this founding member

#3. Zite 

This is also an IOS-to-Android app, it has collected a huge number of fans on IOS platform, now it has come to Android platform. But as most of Android app, the most difficult issue is the fragmentation, there are hundreds of different versions and UI on Android platform, and the screen size is much more variable than any other mobile platform. Nevertheless, Zite is still a considerably powerful magazine style RSS reader and is worth a shot, despite its flaws. 

Download Zite.

They are only the app I know, and I DO BELIEVE there are more gorgeous apps that I've never heard. So, this article is waiting for your complementary.
Thanks in advance.

I've received some comments on Reddit which give me additional RSS apps.
If you also have some apps to recommend, please leave a comment here.
I will organize your recommendations and post a Chapter 2 tomorrow.

Chapter 2 is here!


Anonymous said...

Well you missed Google Currents.

Jonny said...

I've stated in the title, this post is about the "third-party" RSS apps.
But thanks for your comment all the same.