Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Can Microsoft Tablet Surface challenge iPad?

Yesterday Microsoft has released their own tablets, Surface. Many famous tech blogs had reported it in detail, like Engadget, and the Verge, so I think I'd better not to display my slight skill before an expert.

But, like my post after Apple WWDC 2012, I can always keep pace within the hot event in another angle, which can show my blog's speciality. :)

So, in this post I will discuss with you whether the Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet Surface can challenge iPad? (Notice: I didn't say BEAT, but CHALLENGE)

Let's get into the point with a video, which is recorded by Sean Ludwig from VeatureBeat, let's watch it first.

Ludwig's father said that he won't buy Windows 8, he dislikes the "Start Screen" of Windows 8. The reason why he uses a PC is to obtain information, although Ludwig told his father that the notes on Windows 8 can be always updating to make his father get the information in time. But his father said, "I need information, but I don want to put all my daily life on the desktop."

Ludwig's father thought that Windows 8 will be more suitable for adults in 25, because people in this age like the freshness, but Windows 8 is too fresh for him, he doesn't want to learn to operate a system one more time. 

I won't hold a part as the whole, let's watch another video, which is posted by benisstrange11 from YouTube.

Although benisstrange11's father gave Windows 8 a "Great" word, but when he was asked if he will upgrade his PC to Windows 8, he also gave it a loud "NO".

I found that it is a little difficult for him to find the way back from desktop to "Start", he had tried many methods, including drag the icons on task panel, move the mouse. After he found the method, all the operation behind are smooth, but I wonder if everyone who is first time to operate on Windows 8 will have this experience? 

And there is a third video, if you have interest, you can click and watch it.

As we know, the Microsoft's new tablet Surface runs Windows 8, from the videos above we can know that Windows 8 is a little abstract for a people who is the first time to operate it. 
But for iPad, even my 4-year-old niece can use it smoothly, and I know many aged people they are reading eBooks and surf the internet on iPad without and setbacks.

But we still cannot look down on Windows 8 tablet, I thinks if we use it to work, they are more powerful than iPad, because we can transfer from our PC to our Windows 8 tablets perfectly, this kind of vertical integration attracts me very much.

However, I'd love to have more options about tablets, not just iPad. Come on Windows 8 Tablet, don't let us down. 

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