Monday, April 29, 2019

KCR Converter -- Convert Kindle Cloud Reader Books to DRM Free Mobi Files

Today Epubor software company releases a powerful KCR Converter software which can help you export Kindle books from Kindle Cloud Reader as DRM free Mobi files directly with only one click. This is probably the easiest to use Kindle DRM Removal in history. What’s more, it can remove Kindle DRM and convert to Mobi at the same time. If you want to convert Mobi to other formats, like PDF or EPUB, you can use EpuborUltimate software convert DRM free Mobi books to PDF/EPUB/TXT/AZW3 for free. Let’s take a look at the step-by-step guide about how to export Kindle books from Kindle Cloud Reader as DRM free Mobi files.
Step 1. Run Google Chrome Browser. (Other browsers are not supported by KCR Converter for now.) Then login to your Amazon Cloud Reader account and enable Offline Reading.
Step 2. Right click the Kindle book and select "Download & Pin Book".

Make sure the book you want to convert has been downloaded and pinned. Then the Kindle book will be displayed under "Downloaded" tab with pinned icon under the book cover.
Step 3. Install and launch KCR Converter. All Kindle books downloaded via Kindle Cloud Reader will be displayed on the main interface of KCR Converter automatically.
Step 4. Select the books you want to convert, then click on "Convert to Mobi". Then all Kindle books will be converted to DRM-free mobi files. The folder storing the converted file will pop up immediately.
Are you surprised by this software now? If so, how about installing the trial version and have a try on your computer?
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Monday, April 22, 2019

The All-new Kindle 2019 has just Come Out at $89.99

Finally, the entry level Kindle e-reader has come out on April 10. It has a 6 inch display with built-in light, 167ppi, optimized font technology and 16-level gray scale. The all-new Kindle, now with a built-in adjustable front light so you can read indoors and outdoors and at more times of day. And it allows you to buy Audible books from the Kindle store. With Audible, Kindle lets you switch seamlessly between reading and listening via Bluetooth-enabled speakers or headphones.
With 4 GB of storage, Kindle lets you take your entire library with you on the go. Now this all-new Kindle has two colors to choose from: white and black. And the price of this device with special offers (Special offers display on your device’s lock screen) is $89.99, while the ad-free version costs as usual $20 more – $109.99.
Below is the comparison chart of Kindle 2019, Paperwhite 4 (2018) and Oasis 2 (2017).

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Splitting Audible Books by Chapters is Now Available for Epubor Audible Converter

Since Epubor software released this powerful Audible converter—Epubor Audible Converter on 2017, a lot of users have complained that the converted MP3 files didn’t keep the chapter information. So this year their software engineers decide to add some useful functions to this software. Finally, the brand-new Epubor Audible Converter comes out on this April. This update greatly boosts the conversion speed and improves performance. And it also allows users to split Audible Books by chapters, fixed length of time and average segments from now on.

Now you can read below step-by-step guide to get DRM free Audible books saved in separated chapters. 
Step 1: install Epubor Audible Converter to your computer.
Download Epubor Audible Converter for Free

Step 2: Add Audible AA/AAX Files to Epubor Audible Converter. 

Just click Add to upload Audible books to Epubor Audible Converter. If you don’t know how to download Audible books from Audible website, you can follow this simple step-by-step guide.

Tips: Epubor Audible Converter can detect your downloaded Audible books automatically. All you need to do is click the Add button and select the books. Or you can directly drag and drop AA/AAX files to the main window of Epubor Audible Converter.
Step 3: Convert Audible books to MP3/M4B.
Now Epubor Audible Converter supports MP3 and M4B format. So first you need to click the Edit button on the right of the book title.  Next choose Split by Chapters function in the pop-up window. Then click the Convert to MP3/M4B button. 
Besides this, Epubor Audible Converter also allows you to split Audible files by average segments and fixed length of time.

When Epubor Audible Converter successfully converts Audible files to MP3/M4B, it will pop up a window containing the independent MP3 files saved by chapters.

As long as you have used Epubor software, you should know there's no software on the market can compete with it. What's more, Epubor offers the high-quality software and the best after-sale service. 

Monday, April 8, 2019

Microsoft Closes Its eBook Store for Good

According to Microsoft Store official news, starting April 2, 2019, the books category in Microsoft Store will be closing. Unfortunately, this means that starting July 2019 your ebooks will no longer be available to read, but you'll get a full refund for all book purchases.
While you can no longer purchase or acquire additional books from the Microsoft Store, you can continue to read your books until July 2019 when refunds will be processed.
When Microsoft store closes its books category, your books will disappear too. Though those soon-to-be disgruntled readers will get full refunds, the shutdown serves as a reminder of the transience of the internet — and how even media people think they own can be deleted with the push of a button. So now you may think of backing up all of your purchased books in advance in case such shit happens again. That’s probably not as bad as it sounds considering most people didn’t even know that Microsoft sold ebooks. Since Amazon takes the biggest share on eBook market, if you don’t want such terrible things happen on you, you can start backing up your books from now on. For more detailed information, you can read the step-by-step guide about how to liberate your purchased Kindle, Kobo and Google Play Books.

After this incident, you should pay attention to your own purchased ebooks. Personally, I strongly suggest you back up all of your purchased books from now on. 

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The New 5.11.1 and Firmware Update are All Available for Kindle e-Readers

Amazon has released two new firmware updates for Kindle e-Reader in April.

Every single Kindle model after the Paperwhite 2 receive Firmware Update.  One of the big new features has to do with translations, which allow you to translate a specific word or body of text to a different language. The Kindle now supports Afrikaans, Catalan, Icelandic, Swedish and Welsh. They have also added a new keyboard layout for those languages as well.

The download page does not have any release notes. Once the firmware is installed the What's New screen shows the following:

Not long after the update, the 5.11.1 Firmware Update is available for Kindle Paperwhite 4,  which allows readers to be able to Sort by Read and Unread soon, giving people an option to have more control over their ebook library. This feature will be a major selling point in the future.

Bonus tip: if you want to back up your kindle books, you can read this guide about how to convert KFX to PDF.
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