Friday, December 28, 2012

How to merge epub files with free Sigil

People need to merge EPUB files to one EPUB file in some cases. I have previously written a brief guide as to how to make an EPUB book with free Sigil, here I will show you how to merge EPUP files with Sigil again.

An EPUB file uses XHTML to construct the content of a book. Unlike PDF, an EPUB file is based on a collection of compressed files, which can be actually edited. We will manually deal with these EPUB files and eventually put them in one EPUB file.

Download & install Sigil.

1. Decide which is your major EPUB file. Or just select the first chapter (EPUB file).

merge EPUB 1

2. Rename all other EPUB files from ****.epub to ****.zip, decompress the zip file one by one and you will get the extracted folders.

merge EPUB 2

3. Double click one extracted folder, then "OEBPS" -> “Text”, you will find files like "html"/"htm"/"xhtml". Delete redundant files about cover, author bio, forward and so on.

merge EPUB 3

4. Copy content html files to a newly created folder (anyname). Then repeat this operation on every other "non-chapter1" folder. Here are 4 epub files in total, you need to rename the other 3 files to zip and get 3 folders exclude the main (chapter 1) file. Then you will get all non-primary htm/html/xhtml files in one folder.

merge EPUB 4

5. Open the primary EPUB file (Chapter 1) with sigil.

merge EPUB 5

6. Right- click "Text" folder on the left column. Then "Add Existing Files" and locate to the newly created folder and add all those files.

merge EPUB 6

7. Then you can drag and drop each html files and make sure they are in chapter order.

merge EPUB 7

8. Double-click each file under Text folder and make sure the title is in "h1" format.

merge EPUB 8

9. Generate TOC index file (Table of Contents). If there is any original index (Table of Contents) file, right-click to delete. Select "Tools" menu -> "Table of Contents" -> "Generate Table of Contents …" ". Deselect blank items on the pop “Generate Table of Contents” window. Then click “OK”.

merge EPUB 9

merge EPUB 10

Select "Tools" menu -> "Table of Contents" -> "Create HTML Table of Contents". Then a "TOC.HTML"will be created under "Text" folder. Drag it to the proper position.

merge EPUB 11

10. "File" menu - "Save". Then you can reopen the chapter1 epub file to check!

merge EPUB 12

Now we have successfully merged several EPUB files into one book.