Thursday, January 3, 2013

How to use Office app on Kindle Fire

People often deal with office documents, especially Word on their mobile devices such as Kindle Fire, apart from regular entertainment ones. Here I will show you how to use a free app, Kingsoft Office for Android on Kindle Fire.

Firstly, make sure that the setting of “Allow Installation of Applications” is ON.
(Tap upper right corner)”More…” -> “Device” -> “Allow Installation of Applications” -> “ON”.

Secondly, download Kingsoft Office for Android on your Kindle Fire. In this case, your Kindle Fire is required to be Internet connected.

Home -> “Apps” -> “Store”. Type in “Kingsoft Office for Android” and search for it. This app is inherently free, however, non-US users cannot download apps from amazon store, even free ones. Consequently, I recommend the second method to you.

Launch Kindle Fire’s built in browser, google for “Kingsoft Office for Android free download” and go to Kingsoft’s official site to download. Never try to do this on Google store since Kindle Fire users have no way to download apps there (except for rooted ones). Tap “option” icon at the bottom of the download page, then “Download” icon, you will find the downloaded APK item. Tap to install.

use Office-on Kindle Fire-install

Third, check this office app on Kindle Fire.

There are five icons in the upper right corner, which are used to open, create, share, remove and interactive. Tap the “WPS” logo in the upper left corner, you will get all related icons. Here we create a new document by tapping “New Document” under “Create” category.

Create a Word document. 

use Office-Word on Kindle Fire

On this app, we can edit, spell check, find and replace, insert all kinds of contents (picture, table, hyperlink, comment, Evernote, manual paint, etc.), set formats including style, encrypt and the like. Wow, what a powerful word app! One fly in the ointment is the typing. If you are a Kindle Fire HD user, add a bluetooth keyboard to it.

Create a Presentation (PPT) document.

use Office-PowerPoint on Kindle Fire

Compared to Word, the Presentation function shows inferior performance. No rich models or Custom Animations are provided. We only can edit and play in a basic level.

Create a Spreadsheet (Excel) document.

use Office-Excel on Kindle Fire

Spreadsheet is famous for its ability to deal with all typed of data. Well, Kingsoft spreadsheet is strong as well to some extent. You can edit, insert a cloud of functions, ascending/descending, check data validation, edit cells and so on. Nevertheless, it’s not convenient to edit an excel file on Kindle Fire at all. Perhaps we shouldn’t count too much on a 7-inch tablet, which is not a computer after all.

When saving doc, you’d better save to “My Documents” folder. When the Kindle Fire is connected to computer with the USB cable, you will get your file under “documents” folder.

Apart from Kindle Fire, you can install this office app on other android devices (tablets and mobiles) like Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD, Nexus7, Samsung Galaxy and HTC mobile models. Thus all android can benefit from it.

All in all, this app is a good option for people who use office files on the go while they can turn to games or videos at intervals. However, if you are at home or at office, conventional MS Office software is still better.