Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Windows 8 reading app list

I have written several posts about how to read eBooks on Windows 8 (Surface RT / Pro). In this post, I will bring you the collection of mainstream Win 8 reading apps.

1. MetroReader ($1.49) 
Supported formats: DRM-free EPUB, TXT

Metro reader is the first reading app for Windows 8, which supports the most popular eBook format EPUB as well as TXT. By using this app, users can read eBooks offline, set view modes, resize fonts, etc.

2. Nook for Win 8 / RT 
Supported formats: Purchased Nook books

Nook for Win 8 / RT app offers users a platform to purchase various electronic titles including books, magazines, comics, etc. from Barnes & Noble. It supports reading-progress syncing, font adjusting, space / theme setting, free-sample fetching, 14-day free subscription, auto recommendation by theme, and the like.

3. Kobo for Win 8 / RT
Supported formats: Kobo books, DRM-free & Adobe DRM-protected EPUB / PDF

Kobo for Win 8 / RT app is reportedly to offer an access to over 1 million free classic titles. People can easily reach the hottest Kobo books on its home screen. Parallel to other reading apps, it allows readers to customize reading themes / fonts / layouts and store books on Kobo cloud.

4. Adobe Reader for Win 8 / RT 
Supported formats: DRM-free & password-protected PDF
Free Adobe Reader app enables readers to quickly open general PDF files along with password-protected PDFs in various cases (email, web, devices, etc.). You can also use it to locate recently-read files, search for text, zoom text / images, bookmark, use link, share, email as attachments and so on.

5. Kindle for Windows 8 
Supported formats: all Kindle formats (AZW serials, TPZ, PRC, MOBI)

Kindle for Windows 8 comes in an elegant way. You can pin Kindle books to Windows Start screen, set background color / font size / reading columns, highlight, take notes, look up word definitions, listen to Kindle books (text-to-speech function), etc. What’s more, you won’t miss any fabulous book at a budget (free) price.

6. Adobe Dgital Editions for Win 8 (not available)
Supported formats: DRM-free & Adobe DRM-protected EPUB / PDF

Adobe Digital Editions is a professional reading app supporting Adobe DRM protected PDF and EPUB files. Although there is no ADE for Windows 8 available, you can install ADE 1.7 or ADE 2.0 (.NET 3.5 required) on full Windows 8 devices. Win 8 RT devices are not supported by Adobe Digital Editions.

7. Calibre
Supported formats: DRM-free EPUB / PDF / MOBI

Calibre well supports DRM-free EPUB / PDF / Kindle MOBI books on PC / Mac. As with ADE, there is no Calibre for Windows 8 / RT version. Fortunately, we can install Calibre Windows (supporting XP, Vista, Win 7 / 8) or Calibre Windows 64 bit (supporting Vista, Win 7 / 8) depending on our systems. It does not support RT processor, either.

This presentation shows how to read eBooks on Windows 8 with above apps.