Thursday, January 10, 2013

Get free Kindle books in 5 ways

Free Kindle eBooks are always popular, especially when they come with high quality. One merit of eBooks is precisely that we can embrace a cloud of free eBooks without paying for them, along with dedicated reading devices. Among considerable sites for free books, I sort out 5 ones here so that you can get free Kindle books efficiently!

1. Amazon.
The best way is to go to Amazon directly. Checkthis link, you will get free Kindle book list in front of you. In this case, however, you are likely to spend more time to pick out the right one.

As you like, you can input and search for “free Kindle eBook” as well.

Get free Kindle books - Amaon Kindle

Get free Kindle books - Daily Free Books - logo
This is obviously a professional site delivering free eBooks, where you can get free books not only from Amazon Kindle but also from Smarshwords. Free eBooks can be displayed in multiple modes according to your setting. Anyway, you may well look for a desirable title as thou wilt.

Get free Kindle books - Daily Free Books - grid

Get free Kindle books - Daily Free Books - list

Get free Kindle books - Free Kindle Books

I personally like this site very much. Kindle books are classified here and it’s easy to go to the right section and look for good titles.

4. Pixel of Ink
Get free Kindle books - Pixel of Ink

Pixel of Ink is another site for getting free Kindle books, where hundreds of well-reviewed free Kindle books are covered, together with book description attached in the home page. Subscribe to Pixel of Ink and you need not to check the site regularly.

Get free Kindle books - Hundred Zeros
As it describes, “Hundred Zeros is a frequently updated catalog of best-sellers that are free on Amazon”. You can easily get the most popular free Kindle books on the whole or select a category in terms of your own tastes.