Monday, November 4, 2013

Where to find the EPUB file in iBooks for Mac under OS X 10.9 Mavericks

After upgrading to Mac OS X 10.9, many eBook lovers are excited about the iBooks for Mac app. But this app makes many people disappointed as they cannot even find the EPUB files in the local drive.

After hours of research, I finally find the hidden path where the iBooks EPUB files are saved. The path is "/Users/~/Library/Containers/".
Some users may find that the "Library" folder cannot be found, in this situation you need  to make the hidden "Library" folder visible.

To make the Library folder visible, please open the "Terminal" on Mac, then input "chflags nohidden /Users/~(your user name)/Library".
Marsattacks's tip to show the Library folder in an easier way: Just select user in finder sidebar, click 'command j' to show options, and select 'show library'.  - Thanks, Mars
And that is not the end of the job. By entering the deep iBooks folder, you will find the books are not saved in .EPUB extension, but a folder with the name ended with .EPUB.

Don't worry, those folders ended with .EPUB are actually your EPUB books, to get a complete .EPUB file, just zip the folder and make the extension name as ".epub", then you can get an complete .EPUB file from iBooks for Mac app in Mac OS X 10.8 Mavericks.