Monday, November 18, 2013

5 Reasons an E-Ink Kindle is Better than Kindle Fire HDX Tablet for Reading

I am pretty a hardcore eBook fan. 15 years ago, I begin to read .chm books on my desktop; 5 years later, I bought a MP3 player which supported .txt file; another 5 years later, I read digital books on my cellphone. Then iPod Touch, Kindle Fire, iPad, and Kindle.
The more I read on my Kindle Paperwhite, the more I feel reading on it is far more comfortable than any tablet computer, certainly including Kindle Fire HDX. Following are the main 5 reasons why I think so, and they are all based on my personal experience. PS: I am talking about just eBooks, digital textbooks and magazines are not discussed here.

1. Eyes-Friendly

The high brightness from tablet screen easily causes eye-strain, but the worse problem is the glare. In sunlight, you are definitely impossible to read on an iPad or Kindle Fire HDX. When it's dark the reflection of the lights will also makes reading an annoying stuff. While the eye-strain and glare problems are all not existing on Kindle Paperwhite or even a $69 Kindle.

2. Pure Reading

How many times your reading joy is interrupted by a retweet notification? Yes I like my Gmail, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and other apps, they all bring me a lot of fun, but I just don't want them to disperse my focus on reading.

3. Weight

Generally speaking holding an iPad or Kindle Fire HDX with one hand to read over 30 minutes you will feel arm strain. A Kindle Paperwhite is only 7.3 oz in weight, while Kindle Fire HDX weights 10.7 oz at least.

4. Battery

Battery life is the Achilles' heels of all the tablet computer. With a full battery charging, my Kindle Paperwhite stands at least 3 weeks with WiFi connecting while iPad only stands 3-4 days.

5. Price

Everyone cares about the price. If my Kindle breaks in next minutes I will just order another one from Amazon.