Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How to Convert Entire Website to eBook?

It’s a more complicated issue how to gather great posts you read on the websites. Some people like to convert posts into PDF format and then put them into DEVONthink, some use Read Later and others do it with Evernote Web Clipper. All in all, It’s extremely unsafe that articles are put on the Internet like this, as a result, they’re probably deleted and even the entire website will be gone. So you should keep valuable articles for a long time with an effective method.
How to convert entire website to eBook? For mainstream users, the most straightforward way to produce eBook online is to use Readlists. Readlists is a service that Arc90 lab automatically aggregate web pages in the reading list into an eBook with the Readbility API, support for downloading directly and sending eBook to Kindle, iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices for reading. It’s as simple as copy-paste that Readlists requires no technical knowledge.

The process of creating an eBook:

Step 1, click this link and register.
Step 2, add related URLs individually, then create a reading list of related topics.
Step 3, select an export format and they will automatically be placed at the end of the corresponding eBook.

NOTE: If you download ePub eBook to the local folder, Adobe Digital Editions is an essential tool for your reading.

Congratulations! Now you have successfully made your own eBook. You can enjoy it happily and easily share it with your family and friends.