Thursday, November 7, 2013

En2Kindle - Push Evernote and Pocket Contents to Kindle

In last blog post I introduced you an online service to push Feedly contents to Kindle, and it could save pushed contents to Evernote and Pocket.

Today I am going to cover another web service the En2Kindle, it helps you push contents from Evernote and Pocket to Kindle.

To use the service you just need 3 steps:

  1. Link Evernote or Pocket account to En2Kindle;
  2. Input Kindle email address;
  3. Customize the contents pushing options;
And the most important, add to your Kindle personal document's white list, or all the pushed contents will be blocked by Amazon.

FYI: En2Kindle pushes the contents every 30 minutes. And don't always connect your Kindle to WiFi, it would runs out your battery.