Monday, November 11, 2013

Convert Manga to Kindle with KindleComicConverter

Manga attracts millions of reader all over the world, and I believe there are many of them having the need of reading manga or comics on Kindle.

It is known that on Kindle Fire there is a built-in app "Comics", users can directly purchase and read manga or comics via this app which is pretty convenient. But things are different on an E-Ink Kindle. Therefore, to read manga or comics on Kindle, we need some tricks.

The tool does the magic is "KindleComicConverter", it is a tool that can be used to convert manga to format that allow reading it on devices with e-ink screen, like Kindle. But can't guarantee good results on other e-readers because I only have Kindle Paperwhite as my eBook reader.

You can download the tool in this site for free, not it supports Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) and Mac OS X. It enables you to transform PNG, JPG, GIF, CBZ, CBR or PDF files in to EPUB or MOBI format, below is the sample .mobi file which converted from a manga.

I am reading it via Kindle for PC
The entire project is also displayed on Github, for people who has coding skills can customize the codes and make it even more powerful.