Sunday, December 2, 2012

How do smartphones & tablets affect our life?

More and more people have owned smartphones nowadays. Some also possess larger-display tablets, which deliver better experience when it comes to vision and manipulation. In this article, I will discuss how smartphones & tablets have affected our daily life.

How many things have been replaced by smartphones & tablets?
Smartphones and tablets have greatly shaped our life unconsciously. With a collection of powerful apps installed, a smartphone (sometimes a tablet) can be used as an clock, a GPS locator, a digital camera, a notebook, a telephone, an MP3 player, a front camera (optional), a shelf of books and newspaper, a game device, access to internet, a recorder, a DVD player, a flashlight and the like. Thanks to so many functional apps, we eventually save a lot on these things.

How many hours do we spend on smartphones & tablets every day?
Frankly, I cannot give a figure as to this question. But what will you do if you don’t work / eat / sleep or have no computer at hand? These mobile devices have actually served as fully functional assistants rather than single gadgets. In the digital era, smartphones & tablets have splendidly offered users access to all kinds of information across the world. Many people have spent over 3 hours on smartphones & tablets per day. As one of the results, a large amount of people have suffered from serious eye strain.

How do smartphones and tablets affect each other? 
Compared to tablets, smartphones appear to be more practical as they work as telephones at the same time. Apart from the size and call function, I personally keep that tablets and smartphones are nearly the same. Although there are high-end tablets endowed with specific features, such as Samsung GALAXY Note and its S pen, most tablet functions can be achieved on cognate smartphones. Some people prefer to take 5” smartphone titles so that they don’t have to invest extra money on tablets.

In some cases, nevertheless, tablets take on particular advantages over smartphones. Supposing that you have a business appointment with others, a tablet is apparently more formal and professional than a smartphone. Smartphones are after all personal items whereas tablets can be used as common tools in certain occasions. Besides, 10 inch size is pretty cumbersome for a mobile but it’s almost perfect for a tablet.

Smartphones and tablets have played a big part in our everyday life. But please make time to walk, chat or do something else. It would be a terrible thing if we tremendously immense ourselves in the virtual world and lack real life experience.