Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Amazon enters China

Finally, Amazon enters Mainland China.

10:00 AM today, people in China who visits (Chinese substation of find that there is a new menu called "Kindle eBooks", then the news spreads the entire China in hours.

Amazon has specially prepared the chinese version of Kindle reader app for, and readers can only register the app with their account. I tried to register my Kindle reader app on iPad which used to be read eBook from (the app download from iTunes US Store), it failed to show up in my Amazon Kindle device list on the official site. It indicates that people can only read eBooks with the chinese version Kindle app (download from CN Store).

After hour of testing, I find that the features on bookstore are similar with, they all support one-click purchase, auto-sync items to your Kindle reader app (as Amazon doesn't release Kindle device in China yet), send document to your Kindle cloud with email address, etc.

At this moment, chinese Kindle eBook Store only enables people in Mainland China, Hongkong, Macau, Taiwan, USA, Canada and Thailand use their account to purchased items.

We all know that the biggest obstacle for Amazon to enter China is the contents as China has a very strict content censorship. Today Amazon's chinese eBook store has been set up, we can be confident enough to believe that the most popular e-ink reader device and the wonderful Kindle Fire tablet will show up in China in the near future.