Friday, June 29, 2012

Saving Private Kindle Fire! New version KF is on the way!

Normandy landings

November 15, 2011, Kindle Fire released.
December, 2012, 4 million Kindle Fire sold out in one month.

Looks like the Kindle Fire had been landed on Normandy, and was going to challenge iPad even get the tablet market.  

Blocked by enemy

Turned to 2012, everyone thinks Kindle Fire will continue the miracle, their screen supplier Prime View International even increased the storage to keep up with (the predicted) Kindle Fire's amazing sales in 2012  Q1. 

But the truth is: in 2012 Q1, total worldwide media tablet shipments for the quarter reached 17.4 million. But Kindle Fire only contributed 0.75 million, 4% of the entire market. 

I didn't fake the truth, all the data is quoted from IDC, you can read the full post there.

Getting surrounded 

From July 2012, millions of Nexus 7 will ship to the whole world.  If you have no idea how dangerous the Nexus is to Kindle Fire, please refer to my another post

In the front is iPad, and Nexus is standing just behind. And there are plenty pursuers, Nook Tablet, Dell Streak, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Moto Xoom, etc.

Things are getting worse, what is Kindle Fire gonna do?

Saving Private Kindle Fire!

However, Kindle Fire won't wait for certain detection. According to BGR's news,  last year Amazon was going to release two tablet at the same time.  The dual-core 7 inch version is called "Coyote", while a quad-core 10 inch version is called "Hollywood". 

Now it looks like the "Coyote" is "Kindle Fire", so the "Hollywood" must be the "Kindle Fire 2". 

All the market are 100% sure there will be the "Kindle Fire 2", but Amazon will also release the "New Kindle Fire", which remains 7 inch screen, but much more powerful and beautiful than the "Kindle Fire". It will covered by metal, with a thinner body, looks like iPad 1.

There is no details about allocation and the price about the 2 new Amazon tablets, but with a $199 Nexus 7 and a probable 7.85 inch iPad mini, I believe Amazon won't get down without a fight, they will absolutely give us a surprise!