Thursday, June 7, 2012

Best RSS apps on Android platform, Chapter 2

Yesterday I posted an article to introduce 3 RSS apps on Android, after I post it to Reddit, some guys there has given me some additional advises about other nice apps to read RSS which I've missed.

As I said in the last post, They are only the app I know, and I DO BELIEVE there are more gorgeous apps that I've never heard. 

However, thank you guys' nice advises. Here is the list which is offered by them.

#1. Reader HD

Reader HD's interface is very clear and simple, it is inspired by Gmail and Google Reader. Although the interface is simple, but the features are complete, they can meet nearly all your demands for a RSS Reader. Unread and read articles are synced to the reader by default(it can be changed), and the unread articles are marked with a small blue dot to the left of the title. When you click an article, the application slides to the towards the left of the screen, and the tab with titles and descriptions replaces the sources tab with the article chosen to the right of that. 

#2. gReader

I used to think this is the official RSS reader app for once (they have grabbed a nice name.) 
I love its visual interface, you will see it below, meanwhile it has a higher demand for your android device, if you are using an old device, you may feel a bit slow down when the feed is updating. As many other apps, you can also put some widgets on it. And there is a pro version, you can cut all to ads out, and get the podcast function and more themes.

Click to get the gReader, or scan the QR code above.

#3. DoggCatcher

In fact, this is a podcast player, and it is the probably best podcast player on Android. Unfortunately, it will cost you $7, but I think you won't regret if you purchase it.
You can stream or download the pod cast directly to your device’s SD card over the network or over WiFi.  And while Google Listen has great integration with Google Reader.
In addition to audio, the app also supports news and RSS feeds, making the app your one stop shop for all things news.  And as most Android applications have, DoggCatcher integrates a great widget for your desktop.

#4.Just Reader

What I love this app is its compatibility with both cell phones and tablets, and we can read RSS news off-line, if we've got a WIFI environment, update the feed with WIFI, then read them off-line, that will be much cheaper(in my town, I should pay for per byte of 3G network). The app maker has high-light this function in the settings, we can choose only to auto sync feeds when our Android device has connected to WIFI, and it supports multi-accounts, this is another apple in my eye, I have several gmail accounts for my private life and for my work, I've subscribe different RSS in different accounts, but with this app, I no longer need to read them by switching accounts or reader apps.

Install Just Reader for free.