Friday, June 15, 2012

Amazon is the best choice for indie author? Maybe not.

The data is collected by the author of "This Book Is About Travel"

A post on an indie author's blog had attracted millions of visitors and was reported by Hacker News, The Verge, etc on June, 11.

I think most of you have read this post, the author said that Amazon's 70% royalty rate for author is fake, actually, Amazon charge author for nearly 50% of their selling.

For detailed reasons you can click into author's blog if you have not read that post yet, but I write this post is to tell you something newly update.

After the author optimize his book's size (from 18MB to 2MB), his  income for each sale has raised from $5.1 to $6.42, and for most of Kindle .mobi books, the size are always just hundreds of KB, so they can get more income for each sale because of the less delivery fee.

And the issue is, no matter how large the eBook file is, why should the author pay the delivery fee? Amazon charges 30% of the author's sales, why they charge again for a delivery fee while the goods is just an eBook?
Now the author calls his reader to buy his book directly from his site, and it is DRM free, and it works great.

The sales data before his 1st post about Kindle's delivery fee

The sales data after his 1st post about Kindle's delivery fee

From the 2 images above we can see that now the principal way for selling his book is directly from his webpage, which the author can have nearly all the $9.99 in his pocket, and the Kindle's share has vanished from 73% to 18%.

And I am a little surprised that iBooks can take a share for more than 10%. 

So what's your opinion about Kindle's delivery fee?  Will you purchase an indie author's books via Amazon or directly from him/her?


Anonymous said...

Um, way to rip off the actual article and repost all of his graphs. The abuse he referred to on Amazon's part? You're just a bad, skimming it and packing it into a story that seems to be written by a third-grader the night before it was due.

Jonny said...

At the very first sentence, I've given the link for the author's origin posts.
And I am skimming his posts to one then tell people what happened.
I can't see what was wrong here.