Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kindle DRM Removal V 2.4.3 has been released!

  • Removing DRM from Amazon Kindle eBooks, including AZW, Mobi, PRC formats.
  • Automatically scan your Kindle Contents folder, or you can customize the source folder.
  • Batch decryption.
  • Detailed decryption process message window.
  • Decrypting with Kindle serial number, if you can’t download the books via Kindle for PC with the authorized ID.
  • Automatically open the output folder once the decryption finishes.
  • Decrypting 2 books for one time in the free trial period.

Download address:

The version updates to V2.5.6:
  • Update the decryption core, remove DRM from your eBooks faster and more stable;
  • Fix the error “out of string table limits”, and the error “out of list range” ;
  • Fix the bugs which lead to program boot failure;
  • Add drag & drop feature in the registered version;
  • Add right click menu in the registered version, which enable you to delete the item.