Sunday, February 17, 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro brief review: people impossibly vote for this high-end tablet

Microsoft Surface tablets have been on everyone's lips since last year. However, sales of both titles does not seem that satisfactory by now.

Surface RT (32G) sells at $559, which is parallel to the price of an ultrabook or a lower-end laptop, while it inherently belongs to the tablet category. Obviously, people are unlikely to pay a lot of money for a unripe tablet since there are so many well-performed android tablets, such as Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD.

What about the Surface Pro titles? They (64G/128G) are relatively worth the high prices with the PC-compatible (Windows 8) platform, dual-core 1.7GHZ processor, 1920*1080 resolution, together with the distinctive Type/ Touch cover, which deliver significantly better experience than budget 7-inch tablets. Compared to regular laptops / ultrabooks, Surface Pro tablets still stand out with few shorts but a thinner and lighter size, which makes it clear that they are finest tablet-like laptop (computer).

Judging from the sales, Surface Pro titles are not as welcome as expected, largely resulting from their excessive prices. The battery life of Surface Pro is another defect we can't ignore, which is claimed to get around 8 hours but eventually 4 hours (playing games).

Anyway, this VIDEO review from CNET helps us to know about this hot gadget better.