Sunday, December 8, 2013

Surface 2 vs. iPad Air: Which is better?

The Surface 2 has appeared in our eyes, which has the forward-looking shape design and compact size. It’s diverged in the two versions, including Surface RT 2 and Surface Pro 2. Surface RT 2 is often compared to iPad Air. In terms of popularity, Surface RT 2 is junior to iPad Air. But why? Let’s look at the following reasons.

1. Higher Price

The price of Surface RT 2 turns out to be similar in iPad Air, but the speed of Microsoft processor is far beyond Apple. Apple are running A7 chipset and ios 7, which claims that it’s eight times faster than the previous model. However, Microsoft are running NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 chip and running Windows RT 8.1. The original Tegra was plagued with under-performance issues.

2. Limited Function

The Microsoft ads look very cool, but the Surface RT 2 is just a tablet in nature and only supports applications from the windows marketplace. It has a large of limited functions that cannot run exe programs and haven’t an intuitive UI, even though the interface looks just like win8.

3. Too Few Apps

Actually, the iTunes store has an impressive selection (over one million), making the Windows selection look rather pathetic in comparison.

4. Screen Dims

It has an object of public denunciation when you game it seems like the brightness dims. Recently, a Microsoft spokesman said that they will go to fix the defect.

Generally speaking, iPad Air, for performance, function and entertainment, is vastly superior to Surface 2. If you’re simply intent on buying a tablet as a laptop replacement then the Surface 2 has to be considered.