Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Google Launches its Own Podcast App— Google Podcast

Have you read the news that Google introduce a new standalone podcast app for Android on 20 June, 2018?
This app is a good start, but is missing some key features. The UI is nice and new, the podcast search and discovery is very good and I imagine that it will only get better as it learns more about your interests, and in general it's a pleasing app to use. However, it is missing a couple of major things such as Chromecast, podcast queues, and playlists of any kind. Until these features are added, it's going to be a bit of a deal breaker for me.

Google says: Google Podcast will use Google’s recommendation algorithms in an effort to connect people with shows they might enjoy based on their listening habits. While podcasts have previously been available on Android through Google Play Music and third-party apps, Google says the company expects Podcasts to bring the form to hundreds of millions of new listeners around the world.

In the coming months, Google plans to add a suite of features to Podcasts that are powered by artificial intelligence. One feature will add closed captions to your podcast, so you can read along as you listen. It’s a feature that could be useful to people who are hard of hearing or for anyone who is listening in a noisy environment.

Now Google Podcasts is a new way for Android users to discover and listen to the world’s podcasts. You can subscribe to any show for free and download episodes for offline listening. All your listening is automatically synced across devices so you can pause on one device and resume on another with the Google Assistant. Aren't you excited about this terrific news?