Monday, July 30, 2018

Your 2018 iPhone may be slower than Android phones

That's because Apple's upcoming iPhones will use only Intel modems, Qualcomm inferred, and that could mean slower network speeds.
Apple has been using Intel 4G chips for some models of the iPhone and Qualcomm chips for others. Apple appears to be making some big changes to the chips in its upcoming iPhones -- and that could mean your next iPhone downloads data slower than rival Android devices.
Qualcomm, a major supplier of 4G chips for smartphones, on Wednesday said it doesn't expect to supply modems for any upcoming iPhones.
"We believe Apple intends to solely use our competitor's modems rather than our modems in its next iPhone release," Qualcomm financial chief George Davis said during an earnings call with analysts.
Cristiano Amon, the head of Qualcomm's chip business, noted that it doesn't mean Qualcomm has lost Apple's business forever, but it's out for now.
"This is a very dynamic industry," he said during the earnings call. "If the opportunity presents itself, I think we will be a supplier of Apple."
Apple and Qualcomm have been fighting over patents since the beginning of 2017. Qualcomm previously supplied all modems for iPhones, but Apple now uses 4G chips from Intel in about half of its phones -- particularly those running on AT&T and T-Mobile networks. The move gave Apple more leverage in its battle with Qualcomm, but it has been criticized for hurting consumers by limiting their network speeds.
Qualcomm didn't say which company will supply modems for the next iPhone, but it's believed to be Intel.
Apple's apparent move to source its chips from one supplier could have big implications for your next iPhone. Going back to one chip provider could make it tougher for Apple to keep up with demand for its upcoming iPhones, which means you may have to wait even longer to get your hands on a new device. And speed tests have shown Qualcomm-powered smartphones are capable of faster network speeds than the devices running on Intel processors.