Monday, July 9, 2012

Hot! 7 free Olympic App on IOS! (Games & Schedules)

2012 London Olympics is coming, here I compile some free Olympics apps for IOS for you.

3D Olympus Archery Pro

Experience the thrill and challenge of olympic style archery in a dynamic mobile experience!

* Refreshing 3D graphics
* Accelerometer driven controls
* Challenging gameplay with dynamic wind
* Olympic rules: 12 arrows, 70m, 90m
* High Score save feature, Game Center support

The game includes 5 different games modes to test even the most advanced players!

* Olympic Style: Play by the olympic rules!
* Time Attack: Hit 12 bullseyes as quickly as possible.
* Endurance: Stay in the game by hitting bullseyes.
* Quick Shot: Push your skill and speed to the limit!
* Arrow Eye: steer the Arrow in realtime by tilting the accelerometer!

Each mode has its own Game Center Leaderboard and Achievements!

More features:
* Is the game too easy for you? Select 90m modes for a greater challenge!
* Multiple environments to play in: Field archery and Oriental themes!

Pig Sports Challenge

Try to win Bronze, Silver or Gold in Pig Sports Challenge.

Set across 5 sporting events you will need to mash those buttons hard and fast to win big with your pig.

Crackling good sports fun awaits you!


* Supports both Retina and Non-Retina devices.
* 5 Challenging sports events...
- Dashing Rashers
- Hurdlin Hams
- Pool Racing Porkers
- Piggin Long Jump
- High Jumpin Hogs
* Cute Piggies :)
* Easy to pick up and play.
* Suitable for family and all ages.
* Achievements page.
* In app Gift, Review and social network buttons.
* Superb quality graphics and sound/speech effects.

London 2012 (Summer Games)

London 2012 is very simple and easy to use app providing information about Olympic games.

* List of Olympic games with search functionality
* Intestring facts
* Date, Medals and Venue details
* Notable athletes section

London 2012: Official Results App for the Olympic and Paralympic Games

The Official London 2012 Results app provides all the latest news, schedules and results, allowing users to keep up-to-date with the latest action LIVE across all Olympic sports (25 July to 12 August 2012).


(There are too many schedule & result app about London 2012, these 2 are the most recommended, you need not to install more than 2 apps with the same function.)

9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011


- Play with all 30 Major League teams and 800+ actual Major Leaguers with the new MLB seasons schedule.
- Deal with thousands of Major League cards and manage your own team for the championships.
- Compete in 3 different modes: Season, Exhibition, and Homerun Derby

New roster details include:
- 34 batters and 15 pitchers replaced with new players due to retirements and injuries. 
- Transfers of 32 batters applied. 
- Change of assignment of 44 batters. (more accurate and recent data) 
- Change of assignment of 13 pitchers. (more accurate and recent data) 
- Rotation of all teams and players' batting orders reconstructed 
- Starting pitchers, relays, and final rotations reconstructed of all teams and players 
- Balancing adjustments to apply real-life batters and pitchers gameplay 

Finger Olympic

Finger Olympic is a Track and Field sports game for IPhone & IPod touch where you can be an Olympic player in many skill levels.

You will play as "DIGIT", the leading character that challenges 4 funny finger opponents Thumby, Pinky, Yubi and Toe, they are the "finger" athletes who compete for the Gold medal in the most demanding Olympic games for your fingers.

Run as fast as you can by tapping rapidly on your device's screen but be wise in your strategy making use of your energy.

FingerOlympic lets you share your best marks with your friends on Twitter & Facebook!

Also GameCenter Support to compete with "fingers" athletes from around the world. 

Experience the thrill of competition your fingers can bring!

Take the challenge and win!

(Lite) Zoo Olympic

Surprise!!!! 6 GAMES in 1 APP !!!!!!!!!!!!
Fun and Exciting SIX Games are ready !!!!!

■ 6 Games
- Sea Escape
- Lion Ball
- Enjoy Flying
- Memory Card
- Jumping High
- Eat Meat

■ Local High Record Support
■ World High Record per game Support
■ Country Ranking (Medal system) Support

< Olympic System >

Each game has 3medals GOLD-SILVER-BRONZE. For your country and your glory, Get a GOLD medal by your high score.

■ Some Reviews

"What a Fantasy app I've ever seen"
"Each game is worth more than $1."
"This app is really GOOD."
"Time fly fast doing my gorgeous game."