Tuesday, July 3, 2012

War is coming. Apple joins the battle of 7-inch tablets

In my last 2 post, I've introduce you the Nexus 7, and the coming new Kindle Fire.
Today, the bloomberg light the bomb, "Here Comes Nexus 7 Nightmare: The iPad mini"

Bloomberg has successfully predicted the first generation Kindle Fire, and the Nexus 7, we have no reason to ignore bloomberg's revelations about the iPad mini.

Now let's face the cruel war.

In Google I/O last week, Google released Nexus 7, the gorgeous appearance, comfortable feeling on hand, in-time allocation, and the rational price make it attract the world's concern. Someone even can't wait for 2 weeks and purchased a Nexus 7 on ebay with the price $1825.

Amazon is also likely to launch the new version of "7-inch Kindle Fire", and a "10-inch Kindle Fire 2". According to Amazon's tradition, they definitely won't sell it with a higher price. And Amazon in enhancing its killer-resource, the huge and cheap Amazon Store.

Although occupying at least 60% of tablet market, Apple is also feeling the pressure from the cheaper 7-inch tablets. Therefore, it's very reasonable for Apple to release a iPad mini to defend its market share.

But not everyone is exciting with the iPad mini. Cnet has launched a survey, from the report we can see that many people are not interested in a smaller iPad. And some people don't believe that Apple will release a iPad Mini.

And I want to claim it again, Bloomberg is not a tabloid, with the reasons above, I believe Apple will launch a smaller iPad (iPad Mini).

Do you believe the iPad Mini? And if yes, do you have the will to get one?