Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Remove DRM from iTunes 1080p HD video with Requiem 4.1

If you always purchase contents from Apple iTunes, you must be familiar with a tool called "Requiem".

I used to be excited with the Requiem 3.3.5 as it is able to remove DRM from iBooks. But the author of this tool didn't go on supporting iBooks decryption in later versions for unknown reasons.

Days ago, the author issued a declaration that he is retiring from Requiem and won't release any new version of this amazing tool. This is really a huge blow to all the fans of iTunes decryption.

And before he completely quit the job, he launched the final version of Requiem, V 4.1. Which is perfectly suit for iTunes 10.6&10.7. 

And as the previous versions, the V 4.1 doesn't support iBooks decryption while it is really capable for removing DRM from iTunes videos.

So how to remove DRM from iTunes 1080P HD Video?

All you need to do is downloading the video to your computer from iTunes, then run the Requiem 4.1. The tool will scan your library automatically and find the protected stuff and decrypt them. It is pretty easy to use.

And to get the tool, you may need a bit trick as the website is hidden behind the Tor Proxy. But sometimes you can also directly visit the site.