Monday, November 12, 2012

TotalBoox: Pay per Book? No, Pay per Page!

Have you ever meet such a situation? Attracted by an eBook's cover and summary then happily bought it, but the main story did disappoint you, then you stopped reading it with just several chapters read. But did you realize that you had paid for the entire book and it seems that most of the money are wasted in this situation?

An Israeli company Total Boox comes up with a solution for this situation.

According to The Next Web's news, if you are using Total Boox, you only need to pay for the pages you have read instead of pay for the entire book before reading. You can even add all your favorite eBooks to your own bookshelf for free, and the company will only charge you for the pages have been read through.

In fact the entire process is similar with using a cellphone, before we starting reading the books, we need to prepay a sum of cash, then the company will charge for the finished pages from your prepaid money.

Total Boox thinks the "Pay and Read" chargement mode is narrowing reader's reading range and reducing their reading amount because readers are becoming more and more cautious in choosing which book to buy. On the contrary, "Read and Pay" is more friendly to readers, because all the chargement are the result of the value which enjoyed by readers. They need not to spend any money wasted.

Total Boox has launched the beta version app on Google Play, and the official version is planned to release at the beginning next year. And we can't get a accurate number of their library capacity so far, but the company said there will be at least tens of thousands of eBooks for sold.