Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sony Officially Announced PRS-T3

I used to think Sony would announce PRS-T3 on the press conference of Xperia Z1, but I was wrong. Sony chose another day to introduce the latest generation of their eBook reader, Sony PRS-T3.

The Sony PRS-T3 has the same 6-inch pearl screen compare the PRS-T2, and the resolution rises to 1024*758 from 800*600. User can flip the pages by touching the screen.

The default ROM is 2GB and people can extend to 32GB with MicroSC card. It supports eBooks in ePub, PDF and TXT format. Just like all the popular eBook reader except Kindle.

The only “highlight” is people can embed a protective snap cover on the side of device body, it’s much lighter and convenient than a traditional smart cover but not inferior in capability.

And Sony also brings Quick Charge feature to PRS-T3, 3 minutes of charging enables people to read 600 pages. A full charge can stand for 2 months without WiFi and 1.5 months with WiFi. And it also has a simple built-in web browser to help people search book information and visit wikipedia.

People can choose among Black, White and Pink, it will land on Europe by the end of September. But Sony didn’t tell the price on their website. Nate Hoffelder from The Digital Reader said the price would be 139 euro (about 183 US-Dollar).

I think even the price includes the protective snap cover, it rarely gets competition with Kindle.