Wednesday, March 13, 2013

700 #1 Comics Free Offered by Marvel Comics

In order to attract a larger groups of readers, Marvel Entertainment launched a promotion where they offered 700 #1 comics for free through the Marvel Comics app, which included both classics and the most recent issues.

The news of 700 free Marvel comics immediately attracted an overwhelming response after its announcement at SxSW. As a result, the servers of ComiXology (the distributor of the Marvel comics app) unexpectedly collapsed the first promotion day (March 11) and related webpages were filled with complaints. The promotion was forced to end until they are able to fix the problems with their servers. Those who failed to download comics were able to submit email address and waited for an update from ComiXology. However, this promotion has now expired. Go to this page to get more.

There is also an initiative called Project Gamma, aiming to incorporate audio soundtrack into its digital comics.

Marvel Comics is an American company featuring comic books and related media, acquired by Walt Disney in 2009. Marvel Comics, together with its primary rival, DC Comics, accounts for around 80% in the whole US comic-book market.