Monday, March 4, 2013

How do you like Kindle Paperwhite Mini?

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite has drawn a lot of attraction from the market since its debut last year. As part of the discussion, people have begun to talk about other possibilities, such as a Mini version of Paperwhite.

Those who are used to reading on their phone, maintain that a 5-inch Paperwhite, or a bit smaller one, would fit in the hand better. It would also be much easier to carry aroud and enable reading on the go.

A fair number of users hold the opposite opinion. They admit it is rather cute but can't stand reading on a phone-like eReader for a long time. Turning pages constantly isn't a good experience, either. If you don't have wrist problems or very small hands, you will not find it hard to hold the regular Paperwhite in one hand.

The people who desire a Paperwhite Mini primarily compare it with the absorbing Kobo Mini, which is lighter and smaller than Paperwhite. In addition, the Kobo Mini is not the only 5-inch reader when it comes to small-size. SONY PRS-300 is another Mini E-ink reader. However, this device is no longer available on the market.

There is bound to be more improvements on Kindle Paperwhile in the future. Will Amazon launch a mini Paperwhite? We will have to wait and see.