Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kindle Fire (2nd Generation) and Kindle Fire HD 7" / 8.9" software update

Amazon has just updated the software for Kindle Fire (2nd Generation), Kindle Fire HD 7" and Kindle Fire HD 8.9". With 5 new features added to both 7" models, there are only 4 features for HD 8.9".

New features for Kindle Fire 2nd Generation (v 10.3.0) and Kindle Fire HD 7" (v 7.3.0)

1. X-Ray for textbooks supported
Access to all important definitions, concepts, terms, etc. in the textbooks.

2. Simplified Chinese supported

3. Track reading progress with Time to Read
Figure out when you will finish a book / chapter according to your current reading speed.

4. Kindle editions with Audio / Video supported
Kindle books with Audio / Video clips included are supported on Kindle Fire tablets now.

5. Print replica textbook enhancements
Thumbnails are displayed at the bottom of each page for fast preview / selection. Easy to take notes.

New features for Kindle Fire HD 8.9" (v 8.3.0)
The same to above (expect for #1).
According to the additions, it's easy to find that Amazon is endeavoring to turn Kindle Fire tablets into better tablet-like readers, which are eventually able to stand out among the peers, since reading eBooks on current Kindle Fire is not that better than reading on Kindle for Android app. A case in point is that many people think that as a professional Android eReader, Kindle Fire should be able to read eBooks aloud, but that's not the truth. On the contrary, there are free Android reading apps delivering more powerful functions, such as Mantano.

The updated software has taken more reading-related practicality, functionality and usability into consideration, which is indeed good news to Amazon Kindle patrons, especially to college students. With the    inclusion of Simplified Chinese together with the upcoming acquisition of Goodreads, Amazon's ambition in global eBook market is in front of us as clear as crystal.