Friday, April 12, 2013

5 fantastic iPhone accessories you can't miss

It’s no doubt that iPhone has become the most popular cell phone in the world. The accessories of iPhone also have great varieties. You may have seen so many otterboxes, portable power source and some general accessories. But today, I’ll recommend you some interesting and fantastic gadgets for iPhone. Let’s go and check them!

1.iBell iPhone Alarm Clock Cradle
It seems like we’ve seldom seen the old-fashioned alarm clock.In the impression of many people, it’s heavy and noisy.But for someone they do miss the feeling of an old-fashioned alarm clock. So here comes the iBell iPhone Alarm Clock Cradle! Connect this gadget to you iPhone and it will vibrate like a real alarm clock as long as you set a alarm on you iPhone.

iBell iPhone Alarm Clock Cradle
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2.Phone X Phone
I bet you haven’t use a wire telephone for a long time! Actually we don't need wire telephone mainly cuz we get cellphone. This great invention seems to be an antique in the future. But don’t worry about that.With the Phone X Phone you can turn your iPhone into a wire telephone, just plug your phone in and enjoy all the comfort of a landline-style phone at home or at the office.

Phone X Phone
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For a mad gamer, it’s intolerable for playing games with virtual keys. You never get a good gameplay without physical keys. PSP may be a good choice but it can’t make phone calls. So just try the iControlPad. It’s a physical joypad which connected wirelessly to your iPhone via Bluetooth. No more worry about screen cracking. Press and shake the buttons as much as you desire!
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4.iPhone Fan
The days are getting hotter as summer approaches. So what can we do to get rid of the sweltering heat outside? iPhone Fan may be a good choice. It’s a small electronical fan without built-in power supply. Just plug it into the 30-pin connector of your iPhone and turn on the fan.Then you can enjoy the cool breeze blowing over your face lightly!
iPhone Fan
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5.OWLE iPhone Video Rig
Do you like camer shooting? Come on and check this gadget. You can call it OWLE iPhone Videl Rig. Load it and your iPhone will become a professional video camera.The OWLE iPhone Video Rig is equipped with a 0.45X wide-angle lens and 27mm lens collar. Of course you can alse replace an external lens.
OWLE iPhone Video Rig
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