Wednesday, April 24, 2013

iPad or Kindle? Choose your own tablet

With good portability and enough performance, the tablet provides us an excellent mobile media experience. It becomes a kind of popular consumer electronics like the cellphone. The boom of iPad spurs the development of tablet greatly. People get lots of choice when buying a tablet and feel puzzled at the same time-which one should I choose? Should I buy an android tablet or an iPad? Is it good for reading books? Does it easy to learn? Don’t worry. This article shows you the main features and drawbacks of four popular tablets at present and I’m sure you’ll get a clear understanding of tablet and make your choice. 

1. Kindle Fire HD

1. Massive e-book resource.
Actually I prefer to regard the Kindle Fire HD as an e-book reader. Although the Kindle Fire HD doesn’t adopt an E-Ink display as the Kindle, it is still an excellent e-book reader as the built-in Amazon store provides countless e-books for all ages. The Kindle Fire HD has two modes with different screen size of 7-inch and 8.9-inch. If you want a better reading experience, I suggest you buy the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD as you can view more content at each page.
2. Cheap price.
Maybe the Kindle Fire HD is the cheapest tablet you can buy at present, of course, of famous brand. The price of $ 199 do attracts many people. Although the Kindle Fire HD doesn't have a powerful performance, but considering it is just a tablet for daily use and an excellent e-book reader, it is worthy of the money.
1.  No high pixel camera.
The Kindle Fire HD only equips a so called “HD” camera. It has only about 100 mega pixels, in addition, a front camera. So don’t try to use a Kindle Fire HD to take pictures. It’s only used for web chatting.
2. Custom android OS.
The Kindle Fire HD runs a custom android OS. Amazon modifies the original android and made some limitation on it. The biggest problem is that you can’t install Google Play on it. That means you can’t experience many interesting apps unless you root the device.

2. iPad 4


1. Strong and balanced configuration.
The iPad has the new A6X chipset and a 9.7-inch IPS display of a resolution of 2048*1536. Compare with android tablets, the hardware of iPad can’t be regarded as top level. But with excellent optimization the iPad always has good overall performance.
2. An OS of minimalism.
Perhaps iOS is the most simple but effective mobile OS. All the operations are simplified to the greatest extent so that most process can be done with the Home button.
3. Massive apps.
It’s no doubt that the Apple App Store has the most and best mobile applications. You can turn your iPad into a Gameboy, or a small office computer.
1.  High price.
iPad is a tablet approached perfection. It is almost the best in every aspect, except the price. A price up to $499 may let some people give up. If you don’t have enough budget, you can choose an iPad 2 instead. It only costs $399.

3. Samsung Note 10.1

1. Valuable S Pen features.
The Galaxy Note 10.1 provides a stylus which we call it “S Pen”. With the S Pen we can conveniently take notes and even send email in handwriting. You can also edit pictures with the S Pen, just like drawing a picture.
2. Powerful quad-core chipset.
With the 1.4GHz Exynos Quad-Core Processor, the Galaxy Note 10.1 can provide a powerful performance which make you have better experience in game and multitasking.
3. MicroSD support.
The Galaxy supports an external memory card (up to 64GB). This means you just need less money to buy a high capacity microSD card to store more HD video and music. And it’s more convenient to copy data with a card reader than a USB cable.
1. Low resolution display.
The screen resolution of Galaxy Note 10.1 is 1280*800. Maybe it’s clear enough to distinguish text, but as the HD video and game develops, high resolution display is the trend.

4. Nexus 10

1. High resolution PLS display.
The Nexus 10 has a PLS display with an incredible high resolution of 2560*1660 which makes its PPI reach to 300. High PPI means we can view more details in a HD video and game. This display also has a high visual angle and good color rendition.
2. Original android OS.
The Nexus series all run an original android OS. For those who want to experience the newest feature of android and dislike third party ROMs, Nexus 10 could be a good choice. Maybe the UI of the original android looks like a bit concise, but no doubt it’s the safest and most fluent android.
3. Quad-core Mali T604.
The Mail T604 is the upgrade version of Mail 400MP which is widely used in Samsung’s cellphones and tablets. This new GPU is the most powerful mobile GPU on the market. It can provide a performance 5 times than the previous Mail GPU.
1. Short battery life.
Although the Nexus 10 equips a battery of 9000 mAh capacity, it can only last about 7 hours which is less than iPad and Kindle Fire HD. Perhaps the high resolution display and GPU consume much battery. So you better use it at home, not outside.
2. No 3G connection.
The Nexus 10 doesn’t have a 3G connection. The only connection to internet is WIFI. In some cases which there is no WIFI coverage, a 3G broadband card may be very useful.