Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Google Glass: A great invention

The Google Glass firstly came out in 2012.April. This amazing gadget had created much of a stir over the past year. As an unpublished product, it kept mystique for a long time. At April 10th.2013, Gizmodo released an infographic  which shows how the Google Glass works. This news once again aroused people’s interest of Google Glass. From the infographic we’ve concluded some features and function of Google Glass. Let’s check it out.

Revolutionary Features

1.  Simple but not simple
On first seeing the Google Glass, you may surprise on its size -How could it be so small? Most people may regard it as a normal eyeglass. Actually it’s a high-tech product generated with CPU, battery, camera, speaker & microphone, display system in an eyeglass. It looks light and handy indeed but also has powerful function.

2. An eyeglass without lens
The Google Glass doesn’t have lens and it adopts a projection display instead. All the information will send out by a mini projector and finally reflected directly on our retina through a prism. It must be pointed out that you must make sure your eye keeps staring on the projector in order to see clearly. This may cause distraction and some dangers.

3.”OK, Glass”
Physical buttons not found? Well, you don't need them as the Google Glass use voice and gesture control. Every time you say “Ok, Glass”, the system awake. It understands what you say and respond correctly. Just like the picture below:

You may concern the outside noise interference. Actually with the support of bone conduction technology, any sound comes from outside will not be accepted as command. The system can only recognize the sound of user.
The Google Glass can respond to simple facial and head movements. For example, you can turn the screen on and operate the device with eye movements or tilt your head to scroll through different screens.

What it does

1. Hands-free recording and sharing
No need to take out your camera in haste. Just say, “Ok Glass, record a video,” and the headset will automatically begin capturing footage. You will not miss any moment. In addition you can also share what you see with your friends on Google Hangouts.

2. Navigation hand by hand
It’s easy to find our way with GPS or cellphone. But sometimes we still get confused as the map is not intuitive enough. The Google Glass provides a turn-by-turn navigation. All the road condition collected from Google Maps will display just in front of you in real time. Distance, time-consuming, direction, all of them is  clear at a glance. No need to look down the map and check around any more. Just walk as usual. 

3. Translate at any time
With voice control technology Google Glass successfully integrates with Google Translate. You can translate anything you want at any time. See the picture below. Maybe you won’t get embarrassed in bargain.

4. Google Now support
The Google Now application is also integrated in Google Glass. This means you’ll be able to get real-time updates based on your location. For example, if you’re approaching a subway station Google Glass can pull up a train schedule. If service is suspended, you can ask Glass for an alternate route to reach your destination.