Sunday, August 11, 2013

Leaked details of iBooks for Mac App

Months ago Apple announced they will release the latest version of Mac OS X in this fall in WWDC 2013, and the Mavericks will contains the iBooks for Mac app.

Days ago a Mac app developer shared some details of the iBooks for Mac app in his Mavericks developer preview on MobileRead. I extract the highlights and listed here:

  • Text to Speech feature. It's no wonder that the iBooks for Mac supports TTS as the VoiceOver on Mac is pretty powerful and impeccable;
  • Highlight a word to search the web/wikipedia;
  • Share sentences by email, Message, etc.;
  • Local ePub files loading;
  • Collections feature like iBooks app for iOS;
  • 7 fonts available: Athelas, Charter, Georgia, Iowan, Palatino, Seravek, Times New Roman;
  • 3 themes available: White, Sepia, and Night;
  • Sync last page read between different iBooks apps under same Apple account;
And the screenshot.

From the features list above, I personally think the iBooks app is more powerful than Kindle PC/Mac app. However, we will soon be able to get the official release.