Wednesday, August 14, 2013

MS Office app available on Android phones instead of Android tablets

PC users who have been used to MS Office all the way hope Microsoft will release a version for mobile devices. After Office for iPhone app released last month, the Android version eventually came to Android market (Last Wednesday). Cheers!

Compared to similar office apps free offered in Google Play, MS version requires a $100-a-year-subscription to Office (Office 365 subscription) and won't be sold separately. In addition, MS Office package will come in a simplified version with complex features removed, which may be more stable and have better compatibility than non-MS office apps, but not that functional as the desktop version. Note that Office 365 app can't be installed on Android OS lower than 4.0.

As with iPad, Microsoft does not offer a version for Android tablets while the fact is that most users prefer to view or edit docs on larger-display tablets when they have to use Office on the go. Windows (8) tablet users are lucky in this case as Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint come with Windows OS by default.

Although there is no MS Office for Android tablets provided, customers can rely on other office apps such as Kingsoft, QuickOffice and Olive Office. Refer to this post to use Office on Android tablets (Kindle Fire).